I recently shared my bullet journal and I mentioned that I had a blank page, once I shared my plea for help someone helped me with the perfect page filler, a gratitude page. I have so much to be grateful for even when life gets bad someone else will always have it worse, I guess it’s always good to think what do I have and not what don’t I have, would you agree? I thought I would share with you my cute little page filled with bright happy colours.


  • I have a small but loving family if we need each other we are there no matter what.
  • I have put down my mum, Rob and Logan individually- each one of them brings so much into my life. I am lucky to have a child and also both my parents around to help guide me. I have put boyfriend and Rob, he is more than just my boyfriend he is my bestfriend, someone that shares my whole life with me as I do his.
  • Love is something to really appreciate to have things and people to love is great, to be loved is even better.
  • I love a challenge even the hardest of challenges! I am a very determined to achieve things no matter what.
  • I should have put blogging down but then I guess it falls under inspiration. Since blogging my imagination and creative skills have developed so much over time, do you find blogging has helped you grow as well?
  • I have said before how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place, Cornwall has so much to offer and places to visit- I am glad Logan is growing up here.
  • Some might think I’m crazy for putting down work but I really enjoy my job.
  • good Health is something sadly some suffer with not having, I can walk, eat, use my hands and just anything really that I want to do which I am very grateful for.
  • I have a home and a beautiful one, I am lucky to have a job to pay for my bills. I think a lot of these fall into each other.
  • The last one falls into them all, my life, I do have a good life and that’s not been without me really going for what I want- I have worked hard for everything I have.

Have you written a gratitude page? Or even have things you are grateful for?