I am the worst person at falling asleep, I get really bad insomnia which can leave me wide awake until as late as 5am! Do you suffer with insomnia? I have always had sleep problems even when I was pregnant with Logan I could end up not sleeping for 48 hours. I have learnt some ways to help me relax and mostly they work, some days nothing will work but pure exhaustion when my body finally caves.

  • Colouring is a popular one that many people find relaxing, I found myself colouring loads last summer and it really did help me relax. I have started colouring and drawing again recently reminding myself that it really does help.

  • I am rubbish at reading books the biggest problem is when I start reading a book I have to finish it ASAP. I will read a few pages in the evening which leads to me putting it down and falling asleep, I then the next day have to read the whole book leaving me without one to read the following evening. I will be poor if I buy one each day so luckily I can use my other ways to relax.
  • Good food is one that works a beaut, if I have a nice big meal say a roast it makes me so sleepy, even if I have one in the afternoon I spend my day yawning.
  • Hmm, my favourite is a nice bath with candles, a bath bomb and no toddler trying to get in my bath. I could have a bath every evening if it didn’t put our water bill up.


  • I can’t sleep alone, I know… I am an adult but I hate it when Rob falls asleep on the sofa. I will tiptoe downstairs and wake him- he does the same he can’t sleep without me. If Rob is not around I won’t sleep, luckily that is very rare, So I guess everyone needs a Rob around.
  • Do you find music helps you fall asleep? I find it so relaxing, in the evenings Rob and I will sometimes have music on and just sit there taking it in turns picking a song from youtube- I  have better a taste in music than him.
  • I think this is an obvious one… a glass of Malibu which is my favourite drink and works a dream, one glass and I will sleep like a baby.
  • You may already know how much I love candles and wax melts, the sweet smell in the air mixed with some music is really a good way to relax. Even fairy lights work a treat so I often have mine on in our living room.


  • Sometimes my mind is on something that is getting to me, Rob is great but often falls asleep mid conversation leaving me to ring my mum or my best friend. My best friend goes to bed really late so I can always ring her up at silly o’clock.
  • If I have a busy day say a long walk I fall asleep fine, if anything I am well and truly ready for bed before ten, if I work however I am wired when I finish at 9pm.

There are my ten simple steps that mostly help me fall asleep, I am still sometimes unable to relax maybe you have a suggestion on other ways to relax? I finished work yesterday at nine and couldn’t fall asleep until 2am! I have the same finish tonight at work, maybe I should have a glass of Malibu, put some music on and I might get some sleep.