My last subscription box came last week, I defiantly have a sweet tooth/addiction wouldn’t you agree? I hunted high and low last month for some subscription boxes that really caught my attention and this one definitely did. Each month this company send you a selection of snacks from a chosen country and this months one was Japan, I was very eager to try some foods that I had never even heard of. Would you try this subscription box?


I was very surprised with how full my box was, it was rammed! The first two items that caught my attention were the best tasting items in this box.

Panda chocolate- A very cute panda face wafer cake. This wafer cake has a new and improved recipe with a crunchy wafer layer and a wonderfully fluffy and light, airy milk and white chocolate outer design. There’s even a cute panda face on the back!

Giant calipo- An unmeltable icecream cone. This cone is filled with strawberry flavoured bubble gum chocolate, much like a Areo with a chocolate centre and strawberry casing. This was the best item in the box I am a sucker for anything that has a bubble gum taste.


GROSS, puke , no chance was I even going to try these ones! I cringed with how slimy they where and the names did not help with any sort of temptation, spicy burdock and some plum seasoned wakame seaweed, would you put these in your mouth?

imageSoda soft centred chewing gum- Gum balls with a gooey soda paste centre, you get three pieces in a pack but one is a super sour sweet, I love sour sweets so the surprise one didn’t put me off.

Black thunder chocolate bar- Remind me to hide my sweets away next time as I got home one evening and Rob gobbled this one right up… he said the cocoa flavoured cookie bar was very yummy, pfft I bet it was.


How cool is the bigger above packet of DIY gummy candle (make your own sushi shop) I am not fan of sushi but luckily that isn’t what they where. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the little bobdog candy sticks that apparently taste like cola, I once ate so many candy sticks that I was sick so have never eaten any since- Logan fully enjoyed them though.

These items I ate all to myself, those little hello pandas I have only tried with a chocolate centre before so the strawberry filling was a nice surprise. We have the pocky sticks here in the UK but they are called something else but I had yet to try them in a strawberry flavour, have you had the chocolate coated sticks before?

imageI was almost sick with the evil little above sweets, oh my gosh they are well and truly disgusting! I ran to my bathroom to brush my teeth I needed something strong to help me. The lolly pops did not taste any better, I am cringing while writing this with remembering that awful taste… they look cute but I did not look cute spitting them out. I am yet to try the KitKat as like the other two green sweets they contain Matcha green tea, would you try the green tea KitKat?


Would you agree I was lucky with how much I received? I paid £13.99 for all of the above from World of snacks. I may have not loved each item but that I expected I can now at least say I have tried most of them and never try them again, the gross ones that is. I wish I could get some of these item in my local stores. I look forwared to next months box with it being south Africa, any idea on what items I might receive?

P.S you can get the Hello pandas in B&M with a chocolate filling.