January sales are always generous, I have kept my eye out on good things to buy or even at the pre-sale items that I had hoped would go down in price, do you do that? Once my sister found out she was having a boy I headed over to Sainsbury’s. I was surprised to find anything with us being half way through January already, there wasn’t a lot left in Logan’s age but up to one year there was loads and for half price.

What items have you got in the sales? I headed straight to boots on Boxing day to get the beauty products they always have for half price, I got a lovely set of Ted Baker make-up brushes which I was pleased with. I couldn’t find any baby clothes in boots worth buying they had well and truly been nabbed up quick in there.

The Batman onsie was only £2.50 and the superman outfit was sadly not in the sale but I had to get it, my sister was beaming when she saw all the stuff I got. Logan loves wearing anything with super heroes on it, he wasn’t impressed when he couldn’t fit into the babies clothes.

These two outfits are my favourites, how cute is Guess How Much I Love You! Do you like the brand Guess How Much I Love you?

imageLogan was not forgotten! The one item I did like that was left was these Gruffalo joggers that were only £5.00. Aw I love the sales! I could not find anything I liked in Newlook this year they did disappoint, even more so with the fact that everything I got over Christmas went into the sale. I hate seeing an item I brought go on sale a few weeks later.