I was going to post my weekly sweets subscriptions every other week but slacked completely. I have now sadly just ended my subscription until money does grow on trees, fear not I have a few coming next month in its place. I have enjoyed getting my sweets every Monday right to my door so next week I might have to go to the shop and splurge on junk food to make up for it.

image£3.99 is not a lot but I find that now I have received some subscription boxes more generous with contents, others seem more worth my money- Then taking into account for the postage and packaging £3.99 is not a lot to ask for. I can always pop to my local shop and buy some sweets but then I will be stuck with the ‘what do I get!’ problem again, right I need my sweets back, looks at budget planner… damn.

I did on the plus have two weeks worth that I had yet to open, so much yumminess in one picture! Would you pay the £3.99 a week for four items?

imageI liked not knowing what I was getting each week, like a lucky dip sort of thing, they also come in little plastic pots that you can reuse. I got the dreaded liquorice on my last order! I said last time how I hated that I couldn’t say in advance what I don’t like, I cannot even stand the smell of liquorice.