I have seen many beautiful foil printed motivational prints around the web, have you? I have been thinking how on earth are they made! I don’t think I have quite mastered the clean look but I did give it my best go. I had some help with a kit that I picked up for £3.00 from The Works, it was very time consuming and messy but hey that’s all in the fun right? I have figured after watching some YouTube videos these sets are not what the pros use, here’s why…


The main thing I learnt when playing around with this foil set is that I am so impatient. I did read the instructions clearly but the ‘let the clue dry’ part was an understatement, it never dries! well firstly I wrote my words out gave the glue ten minutes and applied my cut out foils. I rubbed over the foils and pealed the strips off. I got frustrated and on the last letters I ripped the strip away like a wax strip… Big mistake.

So clearly I was very haste when it came to applying my strips so I waited a little longer, apart from some ripped paper the glue still looked in place. After a further ten minutes I applied a dark blue so I could see where it picked up the second time. I also started to dab the foil onto the letters quick leading to the glue spreading, I figured at this point that I needed to start again.


This time around I was sure I knew what I did wrong and that applying the glue thinner, then leaving it dry longer would work- It was kind of right. I wrote my letters out and left it to dry for twenty minutes. The foil did bleed slightly past the glue but it did look better than my first attempt would you agree?

I knew time was running out and that Logan would wake soon so I did one last thing, I did three dots, all in different thicknesses. I left them for two whole hours to dry. The thickest one located in the middle worked the best, my first attempt would have worked a treat with patience, two hours to be exact.


With me waiting for hours I lost that beautiful natural light so my pictures where not as great, I did when doing the above circles prep a big circle to try something with in the evening. I think my last attempt was my favourite being messy and looking pretty cool, what do you think of all the foils below that I have applied onto each other?


Would you be happy with this set? I personally did have fun with it and think maybe it was the glue that I need to invest on improving, I wonder what other glues might work/dry better. As much as I love crafts I never have hours to spend on them, I also don’t think Logan would be patient and wait for the glue to dry, I will have to apply the glue in advance then present him with some foils to have fun with.