You might think yeah you can buy powdered milkshakes, YUK! I personally can’t stand the milkshakes you can buy as a powder and simply add milk to. I like mine filled with ice-cream and a not so healthy flavouring, I do like to also add fruit when my sweet tooth isn’t begging for sugar. So here’s what I made last night that is now leaving me with the desire to make more.


  • Vanilla ice-cream
  • Two chocolate bars, I went with two Snickers bars for Robs milkshake and two Kider Bueno packs for mine.
  • Milk
  • Spray cream



  • You will also need a blender, I like how quick milkshakes are to make at home and use little ingredients. Firstly I used 1/3 of the tube of ice-cream and then half a regular cup of milk, I say used I mean pored into my Blend active cup that fits onto the blender. I then added one and a half sneakers bars with my ice-cream and milk.
  • I did the same above steps when making my  Kider Bueno flavoured milkshake, you can add any chocolate bar or even sweets if you feel adventurous. I had my tube ready to be blended for 30 seconds.

imageWith them all ready I pored each one into a mason jar and squirted some cream on top, I then placed the left over half chocolate pieces on top which I thought was a nice touch. What would you put in your milkshakes? I am so tempted to try and make a skittles one.