I don’t even need to say how beautiful this months The PaperGang box is from the pictures below and my first order I might add. I could not decide what I loved more the packaging or the items inside, then most of the items mimicked the lovely design. I have slightly over indulged this month on subscription boxes but saying that I work hard for my money. I am after next month going to cut down on how many subscriptions I get… maybe, well I will have to if I want to learn to drive. For now who needs a car when they can stay in with so much pretty stationary!


Do you get the monthly subscription box from Ohh Deer? When I first opened my box I couldn’t help but laugh, I am even smiling while writing this from remembering. I couldn’t help but admire the funny looking man with pencil hair. yay I now have my first iron on patch and his name is Drew, he is the leader of The PaperGang, what do I even iron him onto? Can it be any item of clothing?


If you know me you will already know I have a washi tape addiction, saying that I think stationary can be a cheap addiction. I really like the tape that was in the box I also found that it sticks well onto paper- Some don’t from different stores. The gold foil style is really getting popular would you agree?

How fun are the greetings cards in the bottom left picture, shame I can’t gift Rob the valentines inspired one as I won’t be hibernating, I will hopefully be on a date night. I can’t decide what I will do with the cards but maybe at some point I can gift them to someone, what would you do with them? I liked the little printed calendar in the right picture which has some gorgeous wrapping paper behind it, the print is everywhere and really standing out. I am planning on trying to make envelopes out of the wraping paper wish me luck.

This notebook is just something else! I said to Robs sister that I did not need any more notebooks just last week, I could have ten in this design and find them space in my draws. I do love my flower note book from January’s Treat Box but once I have used all the pages this notebook will be used, or maybe I can have both on the go! I like how big the below notebook is so maybe I can draft up blog posts in it. Well for when my laptop is not in reach.


Do you like what was in this months box? I wonder what next months box brings and if it can live up to this months beautiful items. I only paid £12.95 for everything in this box, the contents are listed below at the individual retailed prices.

1x A4 quarterbound notebook designed by Hui Skipp – made in the UK – RRP £11.95.

1x Giftwrap designed by Hui Skipp – made in the UK – RRP £1.75.

1x Blue and gold washi tape designed by Hui Skipp – made in the UK – RRP £2.50.

2x Greeting cards printed in the UK – RRP £5.00.

1x Riso printed calendar designed by Hui Skipp – made in the UK – RRP £1.95.


The box also has a make an owl picture on the back… I will have to give it a go later.