January has been a long month yet it has flown by, has this month flown by for you? I always forget all the fun things that we do so this post is a lovely reminder. I have been really enjoying our lazy days hiding from the rain and the cold, summer is always busy for us so it’s good to hibernate for a few months. I will venture outside next month to start sorting out our courtyard and make it look pretty, we have this month had a few sunny days meaning trips to the park were in order. What have you done this month on days that weren’t as cold and wet out? Here’s what we got up to…

  • I started my Bullet journal and just last week I had fun doing my February pages, have you got a bullet journal?
  •  Logan got his hair cut.
  • We went to a ball pool place on route to the Eden project.
  • Then we arrived at the Eden project for our fun family day out.
  • My sister found out she is pregnant and 24 weeks!
  • The flowers got me excited for some sunny walks soon and flowers filling our local gardens.
  • The next two picture are when we went to our local soft play area so Logan could have his picture taken with some children for a leaflet they need.
  • The Front Room in Penzance is our new favourite place for cake and milkshakes, Logan told the duck off for smoking! Would you agree the milkshake looks so tasty!?

I can never just put up ten pictures so as per usual here’s another ten…

  • My nephew and Logan had a fun day out at the park and arcade.
  • I went to Falmouth with some of my friends.
  • I had leftover dominos in bed while admiring my new mermaid bedding.
  • I made milkshakes at home.
  • I finished work and while waiting for my bus I sat admiring where I live… Cornwall that is not the castle ‘I wish!’.
  • In my February spread in my bullet journal I have a steps tracker, Rob guessed that I did 1,000 steps at work yesterday he was shocked to see I did 11,000.
  • Do I ever go a month without great food?
  • The BBQ and sea view is a throwback that on each Friday I have started to do.
  • I got messy with some foils.
  • I received letters! I have now sent some letters back.

Have you been following my blog this month and the things that I have been up to? I have shared some amazing subscription boxes ‘pictured bellow’. I wonder what happens in February… I do know that I have more subscriptions ordered to fly through my letter box.