Every year around Logan’s birthday we go on a fun family day out, just the three of us. Last year we went to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, have you been there before? We were aiming to revisit Paignton zoo but the weather had other plans. With the weather being not so cheerful it worked out quite well as we happily opted for an inside adventure.

imageI think visiting The aquarium is where Logan’s love for Finding Nemo started, then he loves water and little creatures so all in all he was in his element and now has a better knowledge of what fish are. I like places that also educate while you are having fun, do you?

We did stop for a spot of shopping in Plymouth prior to our front view ocean experience. We had missed some of the events including  feeds and a few talks, we luckily didn’t miss the best event that they have on. The shark show! I half expect Logan to find them rather scary but he was fascinated. Then why would he be scared? He hasn’t yet watched all the films that portray sharks to be evil man eaters, the talk really made me see them in a different light. We kill way more sharks in a year than they do us, did you know that? A year later and that fact has not left my forgetful bubble brain.

Other than the sharks I did have another favourite tank to peek into and snap such beautiful pictures of. Do you like jelly fish? I often see them swim/float very close to our shorelines here in Cornwall but I’ve never seen anything like the below ones. I like how Logan described them as ‘pretty’ as they sure were.

I wonder what Logan would think when we revistit the aquarium at some point, will he still find the sharks fasinating and not scary, will he remember the jelly fish bringing him joy. One thing I do know is that he will scream with joy when he sees ‘Nemo’ in person. If you are around plymouth you wont have a day wasted if you fancied seeing some beautiful creatures, there is a cafe and just so much exploring to do for the family.