While on holiday over the weekend we had to have a walk around Sherwood Forest right before heading home. I have never been there before but Rob had so he was rather excited for some childhood memories, and seeing his son running around as he once had done. Rob was very wise in the knowledge about the woods and the history behind it- Robbin hood films played a part in that. I feel for Logan as our weekend was spent being tourists walking around historical places, then he was happy to enter the gift shops. We have agreed that our next holiday will be close to Peppa pig world.


We passed a little café while entering the reserve and headed into the gift shop first so Logan could get a bow and arrow, as Rob had done when little. I was surprised that Rob didn’t get himself a bow and arrow with how eager he was to get Logan one. Logan was armed and had his ‘Robbin Hood’ hat on, off went down a path to find the tree that tales have it once sheltered Robbin hood and his Merry Men.

While walking we saw some lovely little statues made from wood, my favourite being a butterfly one that was attached to a memorial bench.

Of course what would a forest be without trees… Well a field I guess. Saying that the forest use to be much bigger once upon a time, it is now still a lengthily walk. We noticed so many fallen trees as time has aged and weakened them with. Some trees including the Major oak tree had chains or wooden supports to strengthen and hold them.

The forest not only shares the mystery about the place it also shares the mystery with what lies within it, creepy crawly spiders to be exact. There also hide some more appealing animals that I imagine in the summer are easier to spot. Have you ever been here and seen any deer or squirrels?



After about twenty minutes into our walk we found the Major oak tree. Story has it that Robbin Hood once sheltered here or even used it as a prime spot to meet his merry men. Facts are that the tree would have only been a little sap with it being 800 years old, so another theory is that it could resemble a tree that not long exists. The tree still holds great history with thousands around the world coming to visits it. The tree is believed to be more than one tree that has grown together from perhaps a squirrel burying nuts, I guess we will never fully know all, life can be a mystery.

The tree was held up with scaffolding and a fence guarded it after people trampled the soil so much that it was effecting the surrounding soil.

We carried on for a further twenty minutes in a different direct that led us back to the start. We went into an exhibition that gave us further information on Robbin hood and others involved in his life.



I wish we took some paper in to scribble the below coins down.

I saw so often throughout while there in writing did Robbin Hood exist? Or was that even his name with suggestions on other findings through court papers.

imageI liked our adventure before heading back to Cornwall. We want to visit so many historical places over the summer, any suggestions on places that we should visit?