The oddest thing about writing this post on the February’s Treat Box is that I can’t believe it’s a whole month since I wrote about the last one, I favour this months box over January’s Treat Box . Then I might say that next month while opening my box with fresh excitement. I am already getting excited with how close Spring is and this box has made me eager for flowers, pastel colours and just that spring feeling. I can’t wait for heat and thinner clothes, do you love spring? The box also has a little touch of valentines, I was glad it wasn’t over the top and just had some roses and heart sweets. Here’s what was in my lovely box…


I will start with my favourite items, a lovely rose flower heart shaped wreath. I would have flowers all over my house if I could. The pretty wreath now hangs nicely in my living room. The wild at heart key chain and the trinket dish are perfect, both being items I needed and I had just said a few weeks ago that I wanted a trinket dish. I might not loose my keys constantly now if I attached them to the keychain.


I actually think I favour all the items, I adore the little bracelet and happily munched on my heart sweets while taking picture- I cropped the side out that I started to eat. I have used a rose scented wipe to already clean my desk, I imagine that they are not sensitive skin friendly.

My wall is starting to become a master piece with all the prints I have, the you’re awesome one can slide into your purse but I put it on my wall. I didn’t use my Januarys monthly organiser so I don’t imagine I will with this months. I of course placed the life is better In rose gold print on my wall- it is one of my favourite prints on there.

This months box did not disappoint, what do you think of this box? I used my marble paper from my Januarys Brimbles box  for the background in the pictures. I wonder if next months box can top this one, this month had a lovely touch of valentines yet not too much. I love the personal touches about this box, if you like any of the item you can find some in the online store here.