While away last weekend our first family day out started with a lovely walk around Bolsover castle, I now have a desire to marry one day in such a beautiful place. I suddenly wanted to travel back in time and walk around wearing a elegant gown. I wanted it to be spring and see all the flowers that usually fill the gardens, I was so taken back with the art work that was around each corner. I generally just fell in love with the place with all its beauty.


Once we walked through the gift shop with a happy Logan clasping his sword and shield we stopped. With the sun shinning bright we wanted to absorb every detail that was right infront of us. Logan ran straight ahead charging leaving us chase after him, luckily this was a place that a toddler could run around.

imageFirstly we walked around outside reading a few signs that shared a few tales about the castle.


The outside must have been such a lovely place to simply walk around in or even sit and read a book for anyone that lived there, or for anyone who has visited over time. If I was a local I would get an annual pass to do the relaxing things I imagine many have. I am lucky though as were I live we do have a castle that I visit each year, I will hopefully again go this summer and share my time there with you. On our walk at Bolsover castle we saw some lovely outside features such as a statue with naked babies on it, why was there naked babies…? We also walked on the wall that over looked the whole site.


With outside pretty much taking our breaths away the inside was equally filled with some weird and wonderful aspects, again with more ‘weird’ naked babies.

I think my favourite thing inside the main castle was the ceilings and fireplaces, I am no carpenter but even Rob gasped at how incredible the craftsmanship was. He mentioned to me on a few occasions how back then they would not of had the tools and machines we do now days.

I couldn’t believe the size of the rooms especially the Dressing room! I was in my walk in wardrobe element, aw how I dream one day to walk in to a room that caters to my clothes and shoes. Plus somewhere to sit a dressing table for my beauty products.

Dressing room!

Now how on earth did they happily do the dishes and cook the food with the below cooker and sink, I am such a snob… Could we adapt now well to using things that are not as easy. We are lucky with how time has changed and have the items that we have in our homes, I would get frustrated trying to keep a fire alight, or even work in such poor conditions. The damp down stairs was so much worse than you would see in most homes.

The downstairs/underground quarters were very poor compared to the rest of the castle, I imagine this was a place only the servants entered. There was no beautiful fireplaces. There was an extremely long and large fireplace that I think would be lit to help heat travel up the castle, they were rather clever to place a ‘hot’ kitchen underground for the heat to travel up.

imageWe had basically entered each and every room that we could, I could have walked around the main castle over and over again. I was frustrated with there being so many doors that were locked. Rob has a theory that they could lead to a secret passageway so people could escape back then. I guess he might be right with the chambers containing secret doors, I guess we will never know with them sadly being locked. We headed over to the stables past the building/castle that didn’t make it to see 2017. I think it was the first castle there that had gone to ruins over time, the main castle being a second one built in it’s place. The stables had so many posters on the history about the castle and who lived in it. Logan had to climb on the horse to pose for a picture the little cutie.

By this point I was ready to head home and stopped taking pictures, I get tired everyday just past two to the point that I need to sit down. Rob took Logan to the park and I sat on a swing trying to not fall asleep. I do hope that we visit this castle again and maybe take a picnic next time, have you been to Bolsover castle? Would you agree it’s beautiful?