Winter is almost over and just a few weeks ago we had a little snow that of course didn’t stick. I love snow and hope that Logan gets to build a snowman one day, do you love the snow? I don’t like getting my hands cold but that’s what a warm hot chocolate is for when you get in. I really can’t believe it’s nearly been a whole month since we went on our first family holiday, I also can’t believe it’s been seven month since I started blogging! Do you feel like life is just going at full speed? Before I know it, it will be hot and my photo’s will be filled with sunny days out… Here’s this chilly month in photo’s.

  • At work I wore a step counter, Rob was shocked to see that I did 11,047 steps after guessing that I did perhaps 2,000 steps.
  • The best thing about driving up country  was finding so many places that sold my favourite donuts.
  • In our holiday home we had the cosiest evenings with a fire.
  • We visited Bolsover Castle  while away.
  • I found a Disney store and wanted to buy everything, I decided to get a cute postcard set that I am still yet to use.
  • We also went to Sherwood Forest while away and Logan got his very own Bow and arrow set.
  • If found a unicorn Easter egg in Tescos, safe to say he is long gone.
  • I made pancakes, with pancake coming up I am trying to figure out how to make them colourful do you have any tips?
  • I treated my mum for Valentines day.
  • Logan helped me make heart shaped biscuits for Rob.
  • Did you pop to Newlook for the sale? I got some lovely items.



  • Rob took me out for Valentines day, I love cocktails!
  • We ordered some yummy food and then headed to the cinema.
  • Rob also got me some lovely gifts, he’s so thoughtful.
  • Logan had to go out to test his new umbrella out.
  • Last Monday Logan and I Decorated biscuits .
  • Do you ever just need to sit and unwind? Rob brought home some ciders and also some cake that I forgot to mention in my This weeks fun .
  • I bought a new book and some ‘alright tasting’ tea.
  • Logan finally got to test out his new glow up ducks, he did not want to get out of the bath so screamed our house down in protest.
  • I went to pick Logan up from my mums and caught them in hysterics, they found the bright blue fluffy hat rather amusing.

I was good this month and didn’t upload too many pictures, I can never just narrow it down to a few. I think this month has been rather sweet and cosy, have you had a nice month?

Here’s my subscription boxes this month in pictures…