Friday’s mean one things on my blog… a little throwback. Timehop is a beaut and helps me with some ideas, sometimes it does show throwbacks I wish to not see ever again. One particular one that I happily saw today is my arm tattoo, aw how beautiful she still is. I love the colour black, I sometimes favour darker things to wear or in this case I prefer darker prints on my skin. Do you like tattoos? I have tried to avoid colour in my tattoos to save any colour clashes with clothes but she needed some. I also didn’t want her to look too morbid but being a day of the dead girl it was tricky, I was lucky to have such a talented tattooist who listened to my wishes. When I had her done it was interesting to try and hold a one year old after- Aw that pain! I need to book my next one which I am having on my upper back, do you have any tattoos?