Being a teenager was easy right? Okay, maybe it wasn’t at the time but did we really have it that hard? Besides from school, falling out with friends and just trying to find ourselves we didn’t have huge responsibility- I didn’t for sure. I use to wish my teen years away, I would hate having bad skins, being bored, learning, having to be home at a decent time and the list goes on. Well little did I know most of those things don’t change when no longer classed as a teenager, mostly because I have responsibilities and my skin still flares up. Here’s seven things that I miss…

( I read Gemma’s list on ‘7 things I miss from my teens’ which got me thinking about what I miss.)


Me age 15


1. I miss coming home to a cooked meal by my mum after a long hard day, you know the days of sitting on our ass all day and probably taking half the stuff in that the teacher said, those days I really had it easy. I like cooking now but some days after work my mums cooking would go down a treat.

2. Not working and going to the money fairy- I am still proud now to work and earn my money but free money was nice. I would need what a fiver to live of for the week plus some bus fair, I would maybe do some dishes and Hoover ‘once a week’ and like magic my mum found money in her purse. I did get a job the day I turned  16 while at school which taught me the value of money and that money didn’t just appear in my mums purse.

3. Summer holidays, any holidays! I don’t even know when it is half term anymore. I would love to have six whole weeks to myself now, well, with Logan but then that would be even better to have that time with him.

4. Seeing friends everyday would be so good. I find my weeks now filled with little social time and friends of mine messaging me to meet up, my house won’t clean itself. I would always go to a friends house after school and stay out most weekend.

5. Laughing, I am way too serious in life. Point is I grew up and no long laugh at silly pranks or stupid things, I think it’s nice I am kind of mature but I wanted to be like Peter Pan and never grow up… I failed! I do find Logan funny though with the things he comes out with.

6. Books, drawing, doing my hair and makeup for hours with no time limit. I hardly get time to read and if I want to draw that will be after Logan goes to bed, by then I just want to be on the sofa watching crap tv. I use to style my hair everyday and always do my flick perfectly on my eyes- I slap the stuff on now and hope for the best.

7. Lastly, seeing my mum everyday. It’s hard moving out and having your own home, how did she raise three kids, clean the home, cook and just do everything perfectly. When I first moved into my own home it was a shock with how much time was taken up doing day to day chores all while raising a family.

What do you miss from your teens?