I am so happy that Spring has actually started to show now this week, I went out in just a jumper! I am going to bin my over worn coat the second it’s warmer as I never did find a new one and my current one has seen better days. March was a good month for us with finding a new place to live, we are so excited to start a new chapter in our lives in a new home. I still can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since we moved into this house. Was March a good month for you? Here’s our month in pictures.

  • Do you ever see something that you want to buy and then get it a few months later? I saw some items on Ohh Dear that I wanted, I had to get them when I saw that Ohh Dear had a 3 for 2 offer on.
  • Logan got his very own subscription box ‘Toucan box’ which he gets ever two weeks.
  • It was my nephews mums birthday so we went out for dinner and cocktails.
  • When I was in a Disney store I saw a stitch costume on sale that is now one of Logan’s favourite outfits.
  • I got some postcards which I must reply to!
  • I think just about ever child stops their parents outside supermarkets to go on the very slow ride things. I always say to Logan that if he is a good boy then he can go on it when we leave.
  • We went out for a drive and to Logan’s delight we went on a mini boat ride to get across a river.
  • My favourite orders last month were from Gemma’s shop.
  • You know he loves you when he runs you a bath, lights candles then puts a bath bomb in the water.
  • I could sit and go through photos all day! I love looking back on how much we have done in the last two years.


  • Logan has helped us so much with cleaning our new house, the boy likes to dress in style.
  • What’s a Saturday night in without some take-out?
  • I packed my office up first so all of my stuff has been in boxes for weeks.
  • Logan and I made pizza’s .
  • On mothers day we headed to the beach so Logan could find me some shells, he says they are pretty like his mummy.
  • Rob really is the best especially when he brings me home donuts.
  • This week Logan did his second toucan box which I will be sharing next week.
  • Can you see the crown on Logan’s head? That is what he made in his latest Toucan box.
  • I went shopping in Truro and found so many yankee candles on sale for half price.
  • Also this week we went to a lovely café for a story time event and to painting bunnies.

Here’s the subscriptions that I have reviewed this month…

Looking at all of these photo’s it’s safe to say that I have had a very colourful month, What was the best thing about March for you? I think making pizza’s with Logan was the best thing we did in March.