Did you see Logan’s first Toucan box post? After seeing how much he enjoyed it we kept our subscription. Logan received one a few weeks ago but we’ve been super busy which is nothing new in our house, he received his third box so we had to find time to do them. We aimed to get through both boxes but one box itself took over an hour. Here are the activities that we did, Logan is only two so I do have to help him.


I love the top and bottom pictures of Logan, his heartily smile says it all. Logan wasn’t as keen as he was last time to wait patiently for me to find the booklet, he wanted to get right into getting creative so he took all of the craft bits out of the packet while I read his booklet. The first task was to make a crown. I had to cut the crown out for him to then decorate with double sided tape stuff to hold his jewels in place. He wore the crown all evening and wanted to wear it to bed, he made Rob try it on when he got in from work- His head didn’t quite fit ha!



The second task was to colour in some finger puppets, Logan gets bored of colouring at the miniute so gave up on them. He did want to play finger puppets though… I was the princess and he was the prince, he declared that they needed to ride on his pirate ships.


I favoured the activity book more than Logan with there being a cool lunch recipe. I must buy some bagels and make a dragon for our lunch one day, Logan would have so much fun helping me make one. The book was just filled with so many fun ideas and things to do.


We have not peeked into the third box yet but plan to on Wednesday- I have work for two days now urgh. I get excited myself to do these boxes with Logan it’s nice to get creative with him and just watch him learning new things. What do you think of the Toucan box?