Do you remember my review on the Winter’s Box of lame? If so then I am sure you loved that box just like you will this one, I can’t even decide if I have a favourite out of the two that I have owned – Then they are both so different. What I love so much about this months box and it isn’t just the items I love, it’s Chloe. I follow Chloe ‘the owner’ on social media, I watch her Instagram stories and really admire her. I think what I admire the most is that her life is so busy, maybe even busier than mine! Yet she has pulled off  relaunching her new online store here, she relaunched her blog here and put together this Box of lame filled with loads of handmade items. I love crafty things so to get stuff that someone has made is special and here’s what was in the box…



The above picture I was rather impressed with, could it be my camera skills or the fact that the stuff in this box is a bloggers dream for props. Out of the four prints that I got my favourite is the Good Things Take Time one. The writing on all the above prints is in gold which you can’t sadly see as you would love how it shimmers like I do. I am obsessed with little pegs at the minute as I have been glueing cute little bows to my already owned little pegs. I was so please to see some rosegold ones and leaf bunting but I have a dilemma, Do I put the bunting up? Or do I put it in my bloggers prop box bearing in mine if I put it up I wouldn’t take it down to use. I might just have to buy some more leaf bunting, what would you do?


As you may notice this whole box has some copper/rosegold items,  I don’t think I will be using the rosegold pins that are in this box, but then you never know. I think I died a little when I saw the clipboard as it was on my need to buy list- that list is forever growing.


The clipboard also looks super cute in pictures! I had to take a picture of my other four prints that I got in The box of Lame. I favour the be kind, work hard and stay humble one; Which one do you favour?


Now, although I do love the other two sets of prints the above ones can’t be beaten. The stay weird one is possibly my favourite print that I now own. I love how just looking at prints makes me feel, what feeling do you get when you read or see positive prints? I didn’t like the rainbow drops that where in this box, they are a sweet I have never taken a liking to but Rob and Logan sure loved them.


I wonder if Chloe made the above pencil? If so it is so unique and if not someone out there did and I like it, it’s like holding a chunky branch and something I don’t own. A girl can never have too many notebooks right? I dread to think of how many are hiding in my cupboard, do you own a bunch of notebooks? I am taking the Just a lil reminder notepad to work with me so I can use it there. I seem to have stopped buying washi tape laity so it was nice to get one in my box.


I have saved the best for last. I watched Chloe make the purple dish and purple coaster on her Instagram story which was fun to see. I want a whole bunch of them in different colours to put on my shelves, If you see the picture below I think that is how I want a whole bunch of the dishes on my shelf to look like. I would love to buy the coasters when I get around to buying a table, I would also need a coaster for under my dished but sadly coudln’t see them in the online store. What item is your favourite in the box of lame? I must say for what I paid all in all I am very pleased.