The sun is still shining today after having it already for a whole week! It finally feels like summer is here. I walked to work yesterday at 7:00AM in a short-sleeved top roasting. I have been happy jumping into the sea to cool off with this heat – 26 degrees today. I mentioned last week that I have not blogged for nearly two months here, I didn’t mention how I am changing things up on here. I won’t be doing my item of the day posts as I don’t plan on blogging so much, I don’t want to spend my summer on my laptop everyday, I want to avoid feeling like I have to post something all the time. I am taking a more chilled approach and enjoying life as it comes, do you blog everyday? If so you would agree that it takes a lot of time to plan and perfect. I will however still be sharing parts of my life being titled life last week. Here’s what I got up to last week while indulging in this lovely weather.


Have I mentioned that I love my new house?! I feel spoilt with how perfect it is and it’s not just the inside that makes me feel so privileged. Right behind our house is a big field and a park that Logan and I have found ourselves in almost everyday. We also have a beach down the road from us which we can just walk to and return home to within 10 minutes. We walked to the beach three times last week in the morning for a morning paddle, plus to build some sand castles.



Logan wasn’t very keen on the cold sea water the first time we visited the beach but by the second day he dived straight in, I was one of those mum’s screaming ‘DON’T GO IN ANY DEEPER!’


On Saturday we went to watch Rob play cricket in Redruth armed with a picnic, once we heard that the town had a festival thing on we headed that way. I got lost on the way back but thankfully Logan remember each street and turn we took. While in the town we went to a cute cake shop followed by a train ride and Facepainting, we also had to stop and listen to a band that was playing.





Rob was super stressed last week- happens to us all right? Rob felt bad so when I came home from work I notice some flowers waiting for me, Logan picked them out apparently.


With Rob working in the week days and me most weekends our time as a family is so limited. I often moan that I wish we did more time as a family so one day Rob came home from work and we decided a nice evening walk would be perfect for family time. We headed to Trevaskis farm , we need to head back there soon and do some strawberry picking as well as buy more cake.



How yummy does the below roast look that we had yesterday? Rob said he had a lovely Father’s Day with his favourite people. I must say while looking at the roast I suddenly want another one!


Did you see my Box of Lame post? Isn’t everything in the below picture just perfect, I was not disappointed in the slightest.



It’s safe to say that my week has been filled with so much food and family time. Have you been out in the sun this week? Or even enjoyed some family time?

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