I might not have been blogging last month but I did still buy my May Treat box, I didn’t however share it on my blog. I will add now that I was so happy with everything apart from the scrub that my skin got a slight rash from – Having sensitive skin sucks! It was a rather good selection of items in the picture below would you agree?

My favourite things in the May box have to be the pack of little cards with the bracelet being my second favourite item.


You are here I am sure to have a look at what I got this month? I am so behind and received this box weeks ago but just had to share the seaside themed goodies with you. Do you get the monthly Treatbox?


First up is my favourite two items in this box, like just how adorable is that mermaid bracelet? I can’t wear jewellery at work so I had to put it on my ankle as an anklet to wear over summer. I still don’t have my other prints up as I am waiting for Rob to put some shelves up, the below one will fit right in soon.



Living in Cornwall I am very familiar with a stick of rock and I don’t say that with despair. As you may know my sweet tooth welcomes anything with sugar in it.


I love stationery, I love taking notes and I love mermaids so the below notepad is perfect. I also like that I now have a big beach bag, one that I have found myself using all week which is filled with more sand than items.



The last two items In my box are now found in my kitchen on my window seal, even my friend came over the other day and commented on how sweet they are. What do you think of the boat and plaque?


I think considering the weather this week it is the perfect time to write about these items, I have found myself in the sea almost everyday. I love how Logan is starting to love the beach as he was not too keen on the cold water and sandy toes feeling at first. Have you been on the beach this week? I hear rain is coming but hopefully that soon passes. I guess for now I can daydream while looking at my Treat box items, I will imagining my toes in the sand and my long hair in the water swaying around like a mermaid.