I have been on the hunt for months for a subscription box that is filled with Different food items. I use to get the world of snacks monthly box until the shop just disappeared, I mean literally no warning, I waited for my box in vain. I have tried other food subscriptions but none of them gave me what I wanted. I follow a lady called Sarah on Instagram who always gets the best subscription boxes- I found the Treat box from seeing it on her page. When I saw her picture of different food items from the May Degusta box I just stared at it in excitement,  how had I only just come across the desired box! Why didn’t I see this when I was hunting high and low. I was slightly gutted that I missed the May box as it would have been a winner in my house, on the plus this months box was also a winner.


Each month there is a theme and last months box was called the picnic box, you can imagine how fun that one was. This month is the BBQ box which is perfect for the upcoming season. The first items I noticed were the spices that I am yet to use. I will like the bbq pulled chicken one but the spicy buffalo wings will be something Rob favours- I don’t really like spicy food so I wont like the chilli and coconut one either. Do you like spicy food?


When I saw the original o’s I was very intrigued because I had never seen them before. I tend to only buy food items that I have tried before so getting this box is perfect to get me out of my comfort zone. I find it even more perfect when I like the taste, I will be buying these if I see them in store.


My favourite items in this box are of course the summer frenzy Haribo sweets. Rob and I have already made our way through the bags, in my second picture I have tried to show you all the different flavours.



What’s a bbq without refreshing drinks? I was not a fan of the organic lemon and lime drink, it tasted slightly bitter to me. I don’t tend to drink wine as a first choice so I am giving someone the bellow bottle as they can’t drink so it being none alcoholic is perfect.


Rob has already claimed the below ciders to try when he fancies a drink next.


Rob also wants the apple and peanut granola but I’m hopping to at least try It. I don’t mind though as Rob has a bowl of granola for breakfast most days, I like granola covered in yogurt so I might try a some with yogurt.


I enjoyed the Quinoa, honey and pumpkin seeds bar, infact I loved it. I didn’t like the mango with vanilla yogurt pieces and neither did Logan so I won’t be buying them in the future.




I made a cup of Tea on Wednesday and ate this whole box of shortbread scottie dogs, I had no regrets.


The last item that I got was the packet of Jelly beans bellow and they were a gift on offer for subscribing, I am not sure if that offer is still on.


I am very happy that I came across this box thanks to Sarah. I might not have liked every item but that’s the fun of it to try things and explore different flavours. What do you think of this box? I only paid £5.99 for my first box but and I will pay £12.99 for my next Degusta boxes which I think is a bargain- to buy all the items in store it would cost me  £20+.