While I am looking through my pictures that I took last week it sure makes me wish for the beautiful sunshine to come back. Is that it? Have we had our share of sunshine – our summers are so unpredictable in Cornwall. I remember the year when Logan was born, we had sunshine everyday which was typical seeing as I couldn’t take a newborn out in high temperatures. I love that Logan is now old enough to enjoy the beach and sunshine with me.


On Monday I picked my friend’s daughter up from nursery and took the kids to the beach in the evening. Although it was 6pm it was still so hot. How cool are my floats! The moment that I saw the unicorn one in Primark I had to get it.


I also found myself in the garden this week planting some more seeds. Logan noticed yesterday that our seeds have started to show, he asked to dig them up and you can just imagine my reply.


On the Tuesday lord and lady St Leven invited everyone at my work into their home, They were joined by their adorable grandchild. We had some drinks and food while soaking in their beautiful home. I won’t post picture’s of their house as I wouldn’t appreciate someone sharing my home when asked not to. We had a private tour of the castle, our tour guide filled us in on some fascinating stories behind the many pictures you will find in the mount. Have you ever been to St Michael’s mount?


I could get use to Rob bringing cake home!


There is nothing better than some cake in the evening, lighting my candles and just relaxing. What do you like to do with your evenings? If you find yourself in need of a relaxing evening maybe light some candles? Grab a book and soak in your own company, not forgetting the cake.


It was Mazey weekend in little old Penzance but I was sadly working all weekend. I popped into an exhibition that Penwith and Truro collage do each year.   I had to take some pictures of the talented art work, what do you think of the artwork? I wish I had more time to note down the names of the artists but I was going to be late to work if I didn’t make it a quick visit.




I didn’t post much last week but I did finally share a Treat box subscription seeing as I didn’t get around to sharing last months. I also showed you a new subscription box that I got called Degusta box . Do you get any subscriptions?

What have you done this week so far? I personally have done nothing but work but after a shift tonight I will have three days off.


Here’s what I have been up to on Instagram this week…