Finally! I am finally sat in front of my laptop excited to share my thoughts on this months Treat box. I will hopefully get nexts months box through the door next week so I am very behind on this post, bad blogger! I decided to pick a shift up at work on Friday so I couldn’t write this post on my planned day off, saying that I find myself working most days so treats like this subscription are a lovely surprise.



As it is summer (not that outside agrees) I could have guessed that this box would be in with the season so like the above prints states, this box was utterly fabulous. I have a soft spot for flamingos seeing as they are beautiful and elegant. I got some paper straws last summer that I liked so I did hope to find some more in The Range but failed to find any. I thought I wouldn’t get a packet photo worthy this summer so gave up on the idea. The Treat box had my back so now I have some very photo worthy straws, it’s all about the Instagram pictures right? I don’t like the below sweets so Rob had some pleasure out of this box.



The captions on these items I will happily keep using as a few of my favourite things are below. I can place the pin and patches into the cute little bag. I could see the patches and pin looking lovely on a demine jacket which I don’t sadly have, maybe I should look into buying one.



What’s a Treat box without lovely prints to put around my home? Or above my desk when I get around to sticking my prints up.



I wondered why my box smelt really sweet before I had even opened it, not that I am complaining as it did smell so good. I love using my wax melts so the wax brittle was a nice item in the box. I have not used the wax brittle yet so I am excited to use it and fill my house with the scent of pina colada – from Simple candle co .


The last thing that I just have to mention is the confetti. I love saving scraps for my scrapbook so I have saved the flamingos, leafs and cactuses to put in my scrapbook.


As you might tell by now or even see there is nothing I can fault this box with, other than my dislike for the sweets but they didn’t get to waste. What do you think of this month box? Do you love the colourful theme?