In all honesty this post will be more a life over the past few weeks post. I have been awful at putting time aside for myself to relax and enjoy those simple pleasures in life, I need to be more selfish and plan some more me time. I find though as Logan is getting older I am trying to absorb every minute I can with him, before I know it he will be in school and my time with him will lessen- time needs to slow down!



We recently visited Lands end with my parents, sister and nephew. While In Lands End Logan and I visited the little farm, he fed some goats and cried when we had to leave after spending an hour there. Logan found a peppa pig lolly that I had to buy him. I was very surprised when he walked around everywhere as he can be very lazy… I wonder who he takes after.


If I wasn’t broody before my nephew was born it’s safe to say that he makes my ovaries ache. I got my sister some baby cards to record his milestones, I never knew about them when I had Logan so I just had to get her a packet. I don’t think he was as amused with the cards.


I guess this counts as me time? Blasting music on my unicorn Bluetooth stereo while doing the dishes each day. I was chuffed to find the unicorn in Primark for £5.00 in the sale.


Even when life is busy I will always have time to eat out with my mum and sister, this breakfast filled us up before our long walk and beach trip with the kids.


On Sunday Rob picked me up from work to make our way to watch his and Logans favourite sport, cricket. I must admit Sunday was rather fun with a bouncy castle on site, a cake stall and a bbq on the go. I can’t say that I watched the cricket but instead devoured some cake while making sure Logan was okay on the bouncy castle with the older kids.



I lied! I did have some me time, I made the below card. A lady has asked me to make a bunch of cards to sell at a charity event so I did make a start, I best crack on and make some more over the next few weeks.


I must finish with the best memory from the past few weeks with Robs lovely gift. I am a moaner, although I try not to on my blog but generally I will pout and moan about little things when needed. I was moaning about the fact that I have not baked in forever which saddened me. I went to work and came home to a little baking set and the cutest note, a note I am so putting in my scrapbook.



While writing this post I have realised one thing and that is how I have had time, not necessarily on my own but with my family, that makes me rather lucky. I am lucky to have time with them to make memorise so that is everything. Have you had time to yourself? Or even with family that has made you happy?