I mentioned before how I had not had any time to myself in ages so I did treat myself to a movie and bed day the other week which was much needed. I have only just realised that Rob and I have not dated in ages. We have not had time just to ourselves away from Logan, I think dating is so important even if it’s just a small walk as just the two of us. I figured it was time to ask Rob to dinner. I love family time but to sit together and just talk about life away from Logan is so refreshing.


Firstly we went to the cinema with Robs family early in the evening while my mum had Logan, we left starving ready to head home for tea. We had a baby sitter! So I looked at Rob and said why are we going home Let’s make to most of our time and go out for dinner. I made a quick phone call to my mum to make sure we could- she’s a good egg and said go, so we did.


We have had family time recently when taking Logan to a circus that was down. Logan was so happy to see his cousin there who he just had to sit next to, they had the best time together.



What’s a good week without Rob bringing me home yummy snacks?


Logan has had his haircut more times this year than I have in a lifetime! His hair gets so long so he was happy to have a fair bit off to stop it getting him hot and bother when the sun is out.


If you are in Cornwall over the summer holidays be sure to head to lands end on a Tuesday or a Thursday evening for some fire works and live music. I would also suggest getting a yummy tub of my favourite bubble gum ice-cream.






Lastly is a shout out to Robs mum for filling me up with home cooked food recently. I cook for myself at home but isn’t food so much better when someone else makes it.


Okay after writing this post I am going to go and cook myself some lunch, do you get hungry after just looking at pictures of food? What did you get up to last week? I haven’t been very active on Instagram these past few months here, I do love how colourful my feed is though.