This week I have seen countless posts on Facebook and Instagram captured ‘how is it August already!’ August is the best month of course seeing as it’s my birthday on the 29th, not that I’m counting the days (I lie). This month is set to be a really exciting month for us and I mean so exciting that I’m wishing the days to hurry up. For now here’s a reminder of last month.


  • I think my go to place this summer is Lands End. I will be posted about why we have loved visiting Lands End this summer soon, did you know locals get free entry and parking as well as half price on the things to do there!
  • I got a card making magazine so made the seaside cards.
  • Flowers are rather beautiful and nice to receive.
  • I love blasting music around my home so the unicorn speaker was a happy buy.
  • It’s safe to say that I will not be buying any candles for a very long time.
  • I have been making some cards for someone to sell for a charity event.
  • I love going to breakfast with my mum and sister so much so we have planned to go out for breakfast on Friday.
  • Robs sister mentioned before on her blog (who you can find Here ) how nice the food is at The Mexican Inn, so I had to get a cheeky takeaway while Rob and Logan were at cricket.
  • Rob got me a set to make cookies… a month later and I still haven’t baked them! I have a week off next week so I will finally have time.
  • Sometimes a kid needs to take his shoes off, get muddy and eat candy with his friends.


I really am excited for this month to post something different on this blog, stuff that I have been working on for weeks which I am sure you might love to read. For now I am keeping my lips sealed. What was the highlight of last month for you? I think for me it was/ watching Logan just enjoy being a kid.