A new month only means one thing, another Treat Box! Out of all the subscriptions that I have tried this year this box is the only one that I decided to keep. I have to save some money so thought what could I live without, the Treat box wasn’t an option, every girl needs a treat right? Every time the box comes through my door it reminds me why I love it so much and why I just had to keep my subscription. This month was like a care package, stuff to sit down put my feet up and relax with, all while writing my shopping list with the adorable note pad in it as you will see.


Being a parent means that finding time for myself is almost impossible laity. I mean yeah Logan goes to nursery and bed at a reasonable time but I forget about me, I clean, work, cook and need a reminder sometimes to sit down and relax. These items made me do just that with two tea bags and a yummy biscuit. I also love the daily planner that I will be using to help remember what food I need to pick up from the shop.



Seeing as I find myself in the fridge 100 times a day to pig out the magnets will come in handy to hold a page each week on the fridge, I won’t forget to pick milk up then hopefully!


How sweet is the coaster that Logan thought was an actual biscuit.


I completely agree with the below print, for me I can’t start my day adventures without a cup of tea- A cold one by the time I make Logan’s breakfast and other morning demands.



My mums favourite cake is carrot cake so I might take this recipe to hers to attempt. I have a week off next week so I must make the most of it by doing fun things, Logan would also love to help me make it I reckon. I know Logan loved (laughed after) spilling his milk this morning and grabbing the tea towel from the kitchen below to wipe it up- I guess it came in handy!



And there you have it the items that made my afternoon a rather chilled one yesterday. I actually managed to have a hot cup of tea and a biscuit all to myself while Logan was at nursery. I also managed to open this box without his little fingers taking it all, he gets just as excited as me when opening them each month. Do you get any subscription boxes?