I don’t like to spend heaps of time making things so I tend to find the simplest and cheapest way to make a snack. I love cheese, so much so that I have cheese on almost everything, especially chips! I think that’s why I love nachos so much seeing as they come covered in cheese. I was doing a food shop last week when I thought could I use flavoured Doritos ? I guess I would have to of tried them to know that answer so I did.

Firstly I needed…

  • Chilli heatwave Doritos (my favourite flavour)
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole



Firstly I pored my bag of Doritos into an oven dish while of course eating my fair share while doing so.


I then sprinkled my already grated cheese. I might have over indulged with the cheese but that’s how I like them.


I placed my dish filled with yummy goods under the grill on the lowest setting. While I waited I pored my sour cream and guacamole into a pretty bowl as I don’t like it all over my nachos.


After about three/four minutes my nachos were ready to come out from under the grill all ready for me to enjoy.


And enjoy them I did, each and every cheese covered Dorito dipped in yummy sauce.


How easy were these to make! Would you make them? Or do you make them differently? At least you will now know that you can indeed use flavoured Doritos, I am yet to try the cheese flavoured Doritos as that might be taking my cheese obsessing too far.