We are so excited to be adding to our family but then if you follow my blog you would have known my desire to give Logan a brother or a sister at some point. I think as the years are flying by on us deciding when the right time to have another baby got thrown out of the window, there’s never a right time right? I thought maybe when Logan was in school, maybe when we had more money, maybe when was always the start of our conversations. We found trying to plan the perfect time has stopped us every year so we thought meh! We decided to not, not try if that makes sense? And now that it’s happened all we can think of is Yes! It’s the right time, we have wanted this so badly, to add to our family and have our hearts filled even more. I am writing this at currently 7 weeks so I can add a bit each week before posting. I will love reading back on this post one day and maybe you might get some useful tips. Tip number one if you feel sick then try menthol chewing gum, really it’s helping me so much.

first trimester

Week 7 – Blueberry
I found out I was pregnant when I was about five and a half weeks. The first signs I noticed telling me that I could be pregnant were tender boobs, feeling exhausted all day, feeling sick and crying at everything I watched on tv. Of course the biggest sign was the fact that I was over a week late on my monthly. So I did two tests, the second one after a positive on the first. We told our family and I told my work for health and safety reasons that first week. We are happy with how excited our family is, Logan keeps asking me everyday when is the baby coming home, he also keeps asking if I ate the baby… How do I explain it to a three-year old?! Any tips appreciated. Right now I’m fighting bronchitis which isn’t fun, I have been sick everyday from coughing so much, I look like crap and all I want to do is sleep. I also want to eat everything I see, they say the first trimester is the hardest so I’m hoping to feel slightly more human in a few months. When did you find out you were expecting? What symptoms did you get?
Week 8 – Raspberry
Another week down! Every week that passes a little piece of me starts to relax more and more. I guess the first few months have been a question of is the baby healthy? Will I see a healthy baby when we finally get a scan? I have felt sick a lot this week and find myself in bed by ten which as you may know is early for me. I am starting to put on weight, they say you show sooner with your second child, that or cake is making me snug in my jeans. My hormones are crazy! I am sensitive about everything and if I’m hungry look out as hormones and hunger do not make for a nice person. I wake up every few hours needing the toilet as well each night. I guess I should get use to the broken sleep or even be thankful that I can go straight back to sleep after two minutes. I think other than that my days are relatively normal, I’m feeling so much better now that my bronchitis has eased away.
I find that the most asked question anyone has asked me so far is do you want a boy or a girl? I have a boy already so surely I should want a girl everyone presumes? I thought I wanted a boy if I’m really honest, I have said these pasts two years how I would love to have two boys but now I feel so differently. In my head all I think about is the fact that I want a healthy baby. I use to think how did people not find out the gender and go the whole nine months not knowing! I know now, I guess when you just want a baby that is growing, that is happy and healthy a gender doesn’t really matter. Unless you are Logan then he insists that it has to be a boy, a boy called Leo as my sisters baby is called Leo to who he loves so much that every baby should have that name.
Week 9 – grape
I started week nine throwing up a banana and feeling like crap. I have now figured that when I wake up to eat some toast and have a cup of tea and sit for five minutes so my stomach eases. I have been sleeping so well, the best I have in years as I have insomnia usually but it has just disappeared. I had a beautiful 12 hours sleep the other night which well and truly set me up for the day – Though 12 hours it was still broken with the toilet trips. I also have to mention how my skin looks dry, spotty and nothing like it did when I was carrying Logan! My nails are looking nice and feel so strong which is I guess a nice change. Just don’t look at my face but here look at my pretty hands.
I finally saw my midwife yesterday, she was lovely which was a nice change after the one I had with Logan who was, how do I put this politely, an ASS! I had my bloods done yesterday *cringe* I already know my result will say I have Rh negative blood so I will have to have an injection at I think 28 weeks, just so my blood doesn’t possibly fight the babies blood if crossed. I now have that wonderful green folder filled with the paper work we spent just under two hours filling in. I was fairly surprised with how many new forms there were compared to last time. I was asked if I wanted to have the screening test for down’s syndrome which I kindly declined. I wouldn’t have an abortion, I would love the child regardless in my view so why would I want it done?


6 weeks to 9 weeks pregnant
9 weeks and 6 weeks.

I have had to cut this post into two parts after nearly reaching 2000 words. I will be posting the last few weeks up tomorrow which includes my crazy hormones making me extra sensitive waiting for our scan day.

Part 2 is here.