I was so excited for summer but now I am ready for some cosy Autumn days/nights. I feel like during the summer we have to go out, we have to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts- I need a vacation from summer! I need my wolly jumpers, fluffy socks, books and hot chocolates. I need to stay in on a rainy day and not feel guilty for doing nothing when I should be doing fun things, or even annoyed that it’s raining when it should be sunny. I think with how much we have done this summer we can settle down soon and soak in that Autumn smell. What did you do this summer? Here’s what we did last month.


  • Will I have three boys in the future to swoon over? These two melt my heart with their relationship so I would happily have a third boy.
  • We went to Plymouth to watch the best firework display we have ever seen.
  • I finally put my prints up and since this picture I’ve also cleaned my messy desk.
  • We went to a BBQ and got the hosts a gift which I was tempted to keep for myself to display on my shelf. I just love the Alice in wonderland themed box.
  • I made nachos.
  • You might have seen that I am growing a little human.
  • My mum got the little bean some cute leggings and its first toy.
  • I made biscuits.
  • we went to Trevaskis farm and only found three raspberries as the season for picking is coming to an end.
  • we did see some pumpkins at trevaskis farm which made me excited for Autumn.
  • Penzance attempted to beat the word record of the most pirates in one place, we sadly lost again! We did have a lot of fun though even if the heat was melting us while waiting for the count.
  • At 14 weeks my bump is starting to show, or cake, or even my breakfast as sometimes my belly is flat.
  • My mum and sister got me the best birthday cake.
  • Whats a birthday without presents?
  • For my birthday we headed to Camel Creek and Logan went on his first log flume! He said he loved the ride. I of course couldn’t go on anything but it was worth going there to seeing his smile.
  • My nephew makes me so ready for a baby and he reminds me of how quick they grow. I want to take Leo home every time I see his heart melting smile.


August was a cute month and a perfect end to our summer. I think the thought of Autumn approaching has really lifted my mood, are you excited for Autumn?