I am now in triple figures with how many days I’ve been carrying our little bean. Well, not such a little bean at the size of a pear. During 14 weeks I fully felt the relief of my energy levels being normal and some what not making my days seem dreadful. I dreaded any activity as it would make me even more exhausted but now I can go on an adventure actually enjoying myself, instead of wishing for my bed all day. It was my birthday this week so it was perfect timing, we have had so much fun! I will post more about my birthday next week but for now let me fill you in on how my body is feeling.

Aw my poor right hip is not happy. I really need to start yoga or something to help me as it hurts to stretch it so I try to each morning as I think it’s from being too stiff.  My job does not help as I had two days off and suffered with no hip pains this week during that time. One thing I’ve learnt is to keep moving as sitting down can be just as uncomfortable. I had some heart burn last week but only in the early hours- gaviscon lives next to my bed now. My skin is also still really dry and spotty but that I am happy with compare to the before exhaustion. My mood has been so good and I mean I have finally felt like laughing, smiling and doing things again. My house is back to being spotless again, this week I have been a domestic goddess- shame I just don’t look like a goddess, ha! How long will my house stay clean is the question?

One emotion I have been struggling with is now mum guilt. Poor Logan has suffered weeks of me being a boring, sleepy, teasy mum. I can’t help but think in February I will be sleepy and busy with feeds etc so I will really have to be so aware of his feelings. It’s easy for me to now think right he needs my attention, he needs this now so I do it and that won’t be so easy. In my head I can think right I’ll have to just do this and this and plan our lives to be easy but we all know you can’t predict life with a newborn. I am excited for the challenge but I need to remember he needs me and my time as well, how do you manage your time with two? I am confident that he will be excited as already he’s cuddling my belly daily, talking to the bump, he’s even playing cars on my belly sometimes which is so cute. I think the biggest moment so far that melted my heart was the other night when he asked to read the baby a book. Why am I worrying this will be easy right? If only!

How attractive are maternity leggings below? And of course the not so padded crop top vest thingy that has replaced my bras that no longer fit!

14 weeks pregnant