This time last week I was getting spoilt on my birthday and it seems that the Treat Box has kept me on my toes with excitement. I got so much stationery for my birthday so I was happy to get some more in this box, I have so much love for these items right now. I never feel like I have wasted any money when this box comes through my door, how is it filled with so much?!


I can’t decide which notebook is my favourite. I like that the paper inside is plain as most of my other notebooks are lined- I couldn’t even say from the top of my head how many notebooks I have. I already own a dreamcatcher but this one is so different, quite unique really with the felt feathers. I also have a dreamcatcher tattoo as I was known to be quite a day dreamer in my teens, I am way too busy now to sit down and daydream.



Since being pregnant my sweet tooth has been slightly out of control so my first thought was YES, SWEEETIES as if I was a little kid in a candy shop. I like scented things in these monthly boxes as it is fun trying to guess what could be smelling so good before tearing away the tissue paper. I am reluctant to use bathbombs laity as my skin is super sensitive so I might gift it to my friend. This year so far I have received three pins and lovely ones I might add. I still have nothing to put them on so for now they are sitting in my Zoella dish, another birthday treat from my sister.




Wouldn’t you agree that this months box was so beautiful? So perfect for me infact as a lover of pretty things. I forgot to mention the sign in the top right corner and the unicorn horn print on the left side. Life is about the little things so the sign perfects this box even more, the unicorn print is going in my scrapbook as it wouldn’t go with my other prints on my wall. Saying that my wall is surprisingly unicorn free and more filled with motivational words. Do you have prints on your wall and if so what is your style? Unicorns, colour or more words?