This post is rather photo heavy so I won’t also overload you with loads of words. I was so spoilt for my birthday as you will see, I am not boasting but rather showing you how amazing and thoughtful the people in my life are. You will agree that everyone knows me so well with these perfect gifts. I will start with my sisters clever little mind, she teamed up with my mum to make two personalised subscription styled boxes. They were so full! Firstly you will see the stationery one and then the snacks one.



I felt so lucky to get the super fun made boxes of goodies so I was surprised to get more. I won’t say an individual thank you to each person as my appreciation goes to everyone. Everyone has clearly thought of what I would like and also got me things I put on my wishlist. Below is the rest of the stuff that had me smiling still a week later as I am looking at it all. I like that I can get creative with a lot of it or place some of it around my home, I was also happy to get so much unicorn stuff.

My birthday cake was yummy! I had a slice and my family devoured the rest as I left it at my mums to not tempt me as I had so many sweets to get through as well.

Birthday cake

I will say a big thank you to Robs sister. I was downstairs photographing everything, I needed to get it all upstairs to put away so the big bag she got me was perfect for only one trip- The lighting is better down stairs.

I got some gift vouchers from Robs mum and Auntie, I used one in Primark and ended up with so much stuff I needed for winter- three pound ugg boots! I am saving one to get a coat which I must do as that chill in the air is creeping up on us. I really am lucky, I have been busy with a lot of it already, I even painted my sister a lovely picture for Leo which I will most likely post on a life last week post next week. Speaking of a life last week post I am so behind on even posting one for the past three weeks! Birthdays keep us busy right?