Although week 15 was awful while I found myself with a two day migraine, tiredness and still waking up in the night with an uncomfortable bladder, I had the best end to that week. I had our gender scan the day I was 16 weeks pregnant and it was the best spent £79. With Logan I knew he was a boy, I wasn’t surprised when the lady said he’s a boy four years ago. When I was lying there on Friday looking at the gender area on the screen I thought girl? Then I laughed at myself and said boy? The lady was teasing me it was so funny she was like pick what do you think you are having? After what felt like forever while my heart was racing she wrote the words on the screen ‘IT’S A GIRL’ I shouted NO! I couldn’t believe it as I think deep down I thought that it ‘she’ was a boy. Our family were waiting in the waiting room as I really wanted Rob and I to have that moment as just us, I want everyone involved but sometimes we need to just soak things in together and then let people have there moment. Really a baby is everyone’s joy, Grandparents, Logan ect so we were happy that they could all then come into the scan room and see her in 3D. We have so many boys in our family so I think deep down our mums wanted a granddaughter.

baby farley 3d scan

After we all stopped beaming at her and calmed down from the excitement we had to go shopping right! To walk into the girls section in a shop was very odd, the section we have never needed to be in. So much pink, Bows, leggings, glitter, I was in my girly element but found it so hard to pick anything. Did you have a girl after years of buying for a boy and just feel so odd standing there holding a dress?

16 weeks pregnant

Logans reaction has to be mentioned. Logan wanted a boy he made that clear from day one, he refused to even consider that it could be a girl. I took him to the scan as him hearing from me it’s a girl wouldn’t have been accepted so when the lady said it he did believe her but not with a smile. He shouted ‘But I wanted a boy!’ And then sulked. He had a tantrum when shopping for her and showed that he felt left out with us gushing over the thought of her. We are allowed to have that moment but we also had to help him and even said we are buying you both something. He wanted nothing until Robs mum took him to the magazine section- he soon cheered up. When home I sat down with Logan for a chat as I really didn’t want him to feel pushed out. We got all of the baby stuff out and I said do you want to show the baby her stuff? He was excited, he made me lie down and showed her each outfit and kept kissing my belly. I was surprised with how he suddenly became so effectionate with the thought of a sister. He even argued with my nephew this weekend after my nephew said he’s going to love and look after her, Logan shouted ‘but she’s mine!’ He kisses my belly every night and morning which melts my heart, I think the main importance is making him have his moments with the thought just as we are. It’s not easy to juggle two and she’s not even here yet! There’s definitely a difference going from one to two and showing to be a challenge but a fun one. Logan has already showed that he can adapt quickly with patience and us involving him fully. He’s going to help me do her room, he insisted that it needs to be pink- that’s my next challenge to convince him purple might be a better colour. Do you have any tips on how to make a toddler feel better about a new baby and having to share everyone?