Week 16 …

please can I drink coffee? Not the recommended 200ml a day while pregnant but rather 100 cups a day? I was beyond tiered this week and my skin is getting so dry. I am slightly pleased with how many people have said this week ‘wow you have boobs’ if only they would stay but after Logan I fully know they deflate and leave me with access fat that’s empty- mostly known by many as tea bags. One thing that I am happy with is that I have a small bump, well, it could be mistaken for a big roast dinner and pudding kinda belly but it’s a start right. I also felt her move a day before I hit 17 weeks… I think. No I’m pretty sure, that or stomach gas had me fooled. Looking back I am sure that it was the same feeling of flutters I felt when 17 weeks pregnant with Logan.

Week 16 has all in all been horrible as that awful sickness feeling thought it would come back. My back is almost crippling after a shift so I’ve spent a lot of my time this week in bed resting. I lasted an hour the other day at work before I had to leave, I felt so faint and couldn’t really function. One thing I’m learning is to listen to my body and say I’m not doing that, to lie down and ask Rob to do the house work after I I finish a shift. Rob really is my rock, he doesn’t complain and offers me so much affection and help right now which I need.


16 weeks pregnant


Week 17…

Hormones alert the tiredness is making me a tearful hormonal mess, my house is so cluttery but I find myself in bed on my days off. I slept for 17 hours yesterday! I look like crap as putting makeup on seems like so much effort, motivation this week is not my friend. I am so eager to see my midwife in a few weeks after not seeing her since week eight. I think maybe I have low iron so some blood test will hopefully explain my lack of energy, a 17 hour nap isn’t normal right? I feel like all I do is moan ATM so maybe I just need to do something about the things that are frustrating me.

Logan is being incredibly caring towards me and the bump that he’s now obsessed with- He talks to her so much and makes up stories to her. When he said I’ll look after you sister my heart almost exploded, I think he’s guna be so loving as I’ve had more cuddles from him than I would normally- they are for baby he declares as he clutches my stomach. He has so far stolen any toys that we have gotten for her, the toys are hiding in his bed.

17 weeks pregnant

week- 18

Yay I can be positive for once, there is light at the end of my depressive rants. I kicked my ass into gear this week! I went to slump into bed as per the other day and told myself to get up and get on with what I need/wanted to do. I suddenly went into cleaning mode and decluttered every single room throwing out bin bags of things, Logan’s toys mainly that were broken. I can cry and say this is bugging me, that needs doing but really only I can get these things done and my gosh do I feel better. I have been eating a lot healthier this week by making fruit salads, salads for lunch and drinking plenty of water which I think has helped with my energy levels. I still feel slightly meh but if I keep pushing myself and just get on with things I am feeling hopeful. So hopeful that I can now blog as that always comes last in my life, now my life, house and motivation is levelling out I can now find time to do things for me other than sleeping.

One thing I have had energy for is shopping, I will do a haul soon on all the stuff I got the kids from Next and Sainsbury’s in both the sales the shops have had on recently. I love bargains.

Week 18 was a big week for Rob as I have felt her strong kicks and wiggles but this week was the first time for him. She moves around six pm each evening and then again at ten pm so just after six Rob was keen to see if she was strong enough to kick him yet. I was surprised that he could as was he, I felt her and he said he did before I said. We have a scan also coming up which we can’t wait for. How am I 5 months pregnant in two weeks?! Well now one as I write these uptdates a week behind to give a full insite on the whole week as a whole, week 19 so far is similar to week 18 so tune in next week and see if I keep my ass in gear.

18 weeks pregnant