I’m going to say the C word! How on earth is it Christmas in just over two months? Firstly I am super excited for Halloween and then some fireworks with my family. I think that it’s even crazier to think that just after Christmas I’ll have a Newborn, I think these next few months are going to fly by. I haven’t shared what we have been up to laity as growing this little bean is sucking the life out of me- literally! I know I’ll be tiered when the babies here but never have I needed this much sleep. Never has my body felt so achy and run down but it’s all worth it. Here’s what I have managed in life in September between sleeping and of course working.

  • It was a cold Summers night, the rain was poring down outside so a hot chocolate went down nicely.
  • I got some paints for my birthday and got creative with the colours.
  • I went to my mums and we all made our own pizzas for my sister’s birthday tea.
  • We then of course had to have some cake.
  • we saw our little bean in 3D and found out it was a she.
  • I have brought so many outfits for her that have unicorns them.
  • Logan has been dressing his teddies in his sisters clothes which is cute.
  • Sometimes a girl needs some TLC, a bubble bath, snacks and to just relax.
  • Logan and I thought that we would attempt to make some cookies while I was cooking dinner. I sat down tucked into my dinner, started to watch my soaps as you do in the evening- fully forgetting our cookies in the oven.
  • When Rob comes home from work sometimes if the weather is nice we take a scroll over to our local park.


  • We went out for breakfast with Robs mum and Great Auntie.
  • I wanted some more Autumn scents to light in my home and found a really cool one in B&M. I’ve never seen a crackling wick candle and it really does sound like a fire-place if you close your eyes and listen. The candle was only I think £4.99 when they are selling for £30 in boots.
  • I received my PaperGang box last week and wrote about its beauty here.
  • We had our first date night in forever. We went and watched IT and to be honest I thought it was slightly cheesy, annoying and well IT didn’t really scare me.

Below is a sneak peek at what I got in October’s Treatbox which I’ll post about tomorrow. What did you get up to in September? Are you excited for Halloween?

Treatbox print