I was going to do a separate post on the sale stuff and none sale items in baby girls clothes but realised most of the stuff I have got recently was in the sales. I say I got but really family members have gone crazy as well on buying all the cute stuff, don’t look at the pictures or you might get broody! Okay I’m getting broody looking at it all and I’m already growing an almost 20 week bump. The main reason that I wanted to find out the gender at 16 weeks instead of waiting for my 20 week scan was the summer sales, I hate missing a bargain! Even though I paid £70 for the 3D scan I’ve already saved so much on the stuff below.

The rabbit teddy was from Next for £5.00 down from £10.00.

Teddy from next

I didn’t get the below stuff in the sales, the Unicorn was from my mum and sister which I don’t have the price for. The JellyCat rabbit I asked my mum to pick up for me, it was £12.00. The pink Peter Rabbit was the first teddy we got weeks ago from M&S for (12.00) The book was also a gift from my mum and sister so I don’t know the price of that. How cute is her little toy collection so far!

Baby girl teddies and unicorn book

The next lot of items have the prices on the items and they are all from Primark- None sale items but still great prices.

Primark baby girl clothes

Primark unicorn vests

Baby girl vests from Primark

Baby girl leggings


Primark unicorn outfit

The below Guess How Much I Love You vests I got before I knew I was having a girl for £2.50 at half price I think. The ones next to the them I also got on offer in Sainsbury’s.

Guess how much I love you SainsburysThe below items are from Sainsbury’s, It was such a shame as I got them all a few weeks before the 25% off sale on everything started. Prices on or below pictures.

Rabbit baby outfit from Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's baby girl outfitBaby girl coatIMG_2279


The next stuff my sister got in the 25% off Sainsbury’s sale which I missed out on. Logan was ever so please with his new set of pyjamas, he just had to facetime her the other day and show her how cute he looked.

Gruffalo girls clothes

The bibs are from different places and I couldn’t say how much they were but they are too cute to not show you.

Baby girl bibs

The next lot of items my sister got in Morrison’s and some of it was on sale but again gift items I am not 100% on with the prices.

Baby girl clothes from Morrisonsbaby girl pyjamas

Did you head to the Next sale last weekend? I did, I went to two different shops and my mum put in an online order which we are still waiting on. I was very impressed with how much girls stuff was on offer, the boys section was pants so there wasn’t much I could get Logan. I did pick up some tops and shorts for him for next summer.

The stuff we are still waiting for is below, we spent £100 in the Next sale between us so all in all we saved £100 with it all being half price.

I had  to get the little sister onesie from Next that wasn’t in the sale but it was only £8.00 anyway.

Little sister onesie

How cute are the below jumpers that my mum got in the M&S sale.

M&S girls jumper

I also like the bodysuits that she also got in M&S for I think £8.00.

Baby girl vests from Marks and Spencer's

Are you broody or even just swooning over all of the lovely stuff? We do have some more stuff- two bin bags full! But that stuff my mum has collected over the years in hopes for a granddaughter. I would be here for hours if I shared all of that as well. I am going to do a wishlist soon as I do have a better idea on what’s left to get, babies are not cheap right! I am having a lot of fun shopping though so I can’t complain, I think everyone in my family is as we are so use to buying for boys.