I have just noticed that it’s almost been a month since I last posted, growing a baby is exhausting. I don’t think I really wanted to post anything to be honest I didn’t want extra pressure on myself to keep up with more things in my life, that I then knew I would disappoint myself with- with not keeping up with it. I physically and mentally don’t have a lot of room for things. I spent my week off work last week focusing on Logan and Halloween and just fun, aw boy did we have some fun. I did have a sick bug as well so that itself made me feel determined to focus on Logan’s fun week. Usually I feel disheartened for the lack of doing things but I couldn’t be happier. I do want to share what we have been up to laity so I have these moments to look back on. What did you get up to in October?

After going to a pumpkin patch last year we had to go there again this year. We went on a day that an event was on so the boys had their faces painted, they also saw some animals as it was at Trevaskis farm.

pumpkin patch

I wore make-up, a dress, heels and my hair down! I often find my hair up and my face bare because I… I keep deleting my excuses when really I’m just lazy with how I look now days. I didn’t even want to go out in the evening to an event for the club Rob plays rugby for. I wanted to watch xfactor, have my dressing gown on and eat my weight in cake as per.

Dominique pepper

We did some pumpkin painting and Logan wanted to paint Jack which he started off really well, that’s until he went a bit painting happy on it. My pumpkin wasn’t the best I was wedged in between two kids who kept nudging me, I also didn’t have time to let the white paint dry, there’s always next year right!

Pumpkin painting

Logan Farley

We went to a disco at Paradise park which was so fun for Logan and my nephews. I am nearly 6 months pregnant now so running around wasn’t easy in the hot jungle barn, I was happy to walk around outside after to see the animal in some cool air. How cool does Logan look, last year he had black hair, I think a different hair colour each year will be his thing.

famlyParadise parkLogan Farley

We went to a soft play for a party and they had an animal show on. Logan found the snake the most interesting, he wasn’t keen on the spider that I refused to photograph.

Rob brought home some very, very yummy (Krispy Kreme) donuts. I have already figured that I’m going to be very curvy by the end of this pregnancy. I literally woke up yesterday morning after dreaming of chocolate, there’s nothing left in my cupboard now for the trick or treats, oops.

Krispy Kreme donuts

My mum and sister had a Halloween party for the kids which was lovely as we always had one growing up. To say by Sunday evening that we were all exhausted was an understatement, the kids all slept like a dream that’s for sure. I loved seeing them play party games as it made me realise how much Logan has grown in a year, did you have any parties this weekend?

Halloween party

Proud mum moment! This is the second time that Logan has had star of the week now, he really is a star and such a lovely little boy. When all else in my life feels like a fail with Logan he’s the one thing that I know I’m getting right, just looking at him gives me pride, even with his slight sas that he gets from me.

Logan Farley

We had Logan’s friend over for a sleep over which was interesting. Logan had a melt down because he wanted to sleep next to her but by nine it was clear they wouldn’t behave. She woke me up at half four after waking ever hour, she cried because her leg hurt, she was having me on as ones we went down stairs to put peppa pig on her leg was healed. The magic of peppa right. She was sweet though and kept hugging me saying I love you, she also kept poking me if I dozed off on the sofa. I had the best nights sleep that night and an early one since I was up from half four. They jumped in to join my 23 week pregnant photo below.

23 weeks pregnant

I think most of the stuff that we have done above was just stuff that we did last week, today Logan and I are doing some pumpkin carving and hopefully some baking. This post is a mix between a life last week post and a monthly round-up. See you next month, just kidding I do have a post scheduled for tomorrow and I’m sure ill post about my Treatbox next week, other than that I’m just going with the flow with my busy life and not planning anything. At least I have loads of holiday booked so I am pratically working part time now from next. How do you keep your life organised?

P.S Happy Halloween 🙂