Week 19.


I did it! I kept motivated and kept up with house work, blogging and general life missions that I was struggling with. I have still felt tired but not as much as I did in previous weeks. My skin is so dry and spotty, I’m casually waiting for that pregnancy glow, it will come right? With Logan I never had one spot, my hair was so silky and I looked pretty fresh. Every pregnancy really is different I guess. One thing I have been getting this week is headaches but paracetamol has helped. My back has been so much better as I’ve really taken a step back on how much I do physically at work, I feel like I’m being lazy but it’s better than me suffering all week in pain. Hunger pains hit me hard ATM which I don’t mind in the day time, come two in the morning though I lie in bed refusing to feed that tummy rumble as that’s ridicules. I have stopped emptying my bladder all night on the plus so I guess I can’t have it all.

I saw my midwife this week for the first time in three months. Everything went fine she said being tired in pregnancy is going to happen. She also said that my constant need to wee feeling that happens when baby moves in the day isn’t a concern, baby 1 (Logan) weakened those lovely bladder muscles. I generally think that if I get a cold I will wee myself when sneezing so that I’m not thrilled for this winter.

All in all this week hasn’t been all that bad. I really feel like this pregnancy is flying by so that’s not so bad as I’ve figured pregnancy really isn’t for me. Saying that just as i did with Logan I will feel like 9 months of ups and downs are worth every second, I would do it over and over again for the end result. I might not say that during labour though! How many kids do you have? Did you stop at one or feel like I do and think what’s 9 months for such a precious thing? We see her next week so I’m really looking forward to week 20, won’t it be funny if they say she’s a boy! It happened to Robs friend last week so we will see.

19 weeks pregnant


Week 20

It’s definitely a girl, well she looked as if she didn’t have any extra parts. She even gave us a little wave when turning over- such a wiggler! The scan was nice as so far she looks healthy and like an alien which you might agree with when looking at below scan picture.

20 week scan picture

As beautiful as the scan was this week I have been sick on more than one occasion, ones right before my scan out the car window, while Rob was driving. I have also got this odd thing going on. Everytime I brush my teeth or even think of doing so I gag, throw up and wanna just cry at the thought. How odd or what! Google has insured me that it is a thing some pregnant women suffer with so I’m not crazy. I’m even sat here eyes welling up at the thought of brushing my teeth.

I have this week also started to get insomnia which I have fully been waiting for after suffering with it badly with Logan. I remember it getting to 6am ones with Logan and I felt I like was going to go insane, I think it was the day of my scan so I think there’s a pattern. Like tonight Rob and I are going out for a meal which to me is the most exciting thing we have done in ages- apart from our fish and chips date in the car a few weeks ago and movie night. So maybe excitement doesn’t help, maybe it’s part of my anxiety, either way I just catch up on sleep in the day time which isn’t so bad. It just means less blogging time and a messy house, I didn’t keep up with the chores this week *sigh*.

I will tell you something rather funny, Rob thought it was funny anyway. So my hormones really showed itself this week all because I cried over a spider. It’s spider season, usually I’m fine with them, really I couldn’t care if I saw one. Suddenly while pregnant I’m super sensitive and the one living in my kitchen just got to me, I didn’t want it there! Then there was two of them! Really though I was getting so angry every time I walked past them yet I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out. Rob is so scared of spiders but seeing me in an emotional state he moved one, the smaller one, the thought was there. He did laugh though and realised hormones come with the growing package.

I think other than the normal nasty spotty skin, weak bladder that’s about it this week with my update. Any tips on how to brush my teeth without gagging would help, also on how to keep spiders out as I really can’t deal with them ATM bugging me- I shouldn’t have watched the new Alien film! Maybe their crawly similarities doesn’t help.

20 weeks pregnant

Week 21

How many weeks has it been since I blogged? I’m becoming a little old lady at the minute I swear! I am just so relaxed with my days and just going with the flow, watching soaps and basically thinking in slow motion but in a way it’s not such a bad thing. It might be that I have stopped caring at what I’ve not done, it might be that I know I have a week off coming up so my slacking can be caught up with- the washing for a start! Oddly enough I’m not frustrated at my lack of motivation but rather meh, who cares if my room looks like it’s been robbed. Who cares if Logan’s toys are not perfectly put away. I might care if my hormones kick off again but for now I’m embracing this relaxed approach. I did have one moment/day were I told Rob off at six am because I did come home to a pig sty the night before. I couldn’t sleep that night because I was busy thinking how does he think I’ll always do his dishes, why does he fill the bin right to the top, the list goes on. Really though it’s so hard to run a home when I’m picking up after everyone and working and trying to live. Maybe that’s why I’ve had a meh attitude, maybe I’ll snap next week and throw his dirty socks at him that he leaves on the floor. Either way the truth is soon I’ll have an extra person to pick up after so that’s daunting.

My skin has been so good this week and I dyed my hair finally so my hairs looking fresh and dark, naturally my hair is light. I feel fat but my weight hasn’t jumped up in a few weeks so the cake isn’t hitting my hips yet. I’m very surprised that I’ve had no stretch marks yet as I had them very early on with Logan, watch them appear now I’ve said it. I’ve not been sick and found that brushing my teeth while humming helps. All in all I can’t complain I think this has been the best week yet, apart from that one night of no sleep and nagging Rob in the morning. I did apologise and wash his dinner dishes, I’ve tried leaving the bin full for him to empty all week while using carrier bags for rubbish, still he’s not touched it *sigh*. I’m going to put a sticky note on it for him! He does work 40 hours plus so I’ll give him that, if I didn’t work I wouldn’t mind doing most of the chores but a girl can’t do everything.

Another week down 19 to go, next week I have a week off so I really am hoping that my pregnancy doesn’t affect the fun we can have. And that my insomnia stays away this week as luckily I have been asleep by one most nights.

20 weeks pregnant

week 22 –

I am well into my week off and don’t really have much to say as I’ve been battling a really bad sick bug. Any aches, pains, vomiting has been worsened mixed with pregnancy. I’ve lived off toast for two days this week feeling very sorry for myself. The other days I’ve spent dosed up on paracetamol because every inch of me hurts, heart burn is a bitch! I don’t normal swear on here but I really am fed up of remi tablets and just everything.

my week off was supposed to be super fun for Logan and I think that’s why I’m feeling so sorry for us. We still have three days though so I’ll mission on in pain. I actually found myself saying I’m so sorry that I’m a poor excuse for a human to Logan, what I didn’t expect was Logan to give me a cheeky smile, hug me and say I love you and our cuddles. My boy really is the best medicine and we have another week off soon so fingers crossed for a better week.

one thing I can say about this week of pregnancy is how I’m hating the baby moving. It hurts and sometimes leaves me rolling around on the sofa to try to get comfy. Is it just maybe indigestion though as it isn’t always unbearably uncomfortable? Or reflux? Either way it feelings like my belly is bloated, like it could explode and that my back is going to break. Maybe it’s just pains left over from the sick bug. Maybe I need a new body, I am smiling while I write all this as in reality any aches and pain etc are worth it. Right now she is wiggling and it’s not hurting, every night Rob keeps waking her in my belly and talking to her which is cute. She sure knows how to kick!

23 weeks pregnant