Do you know what I am feeling pretty fantastic and I mean hello energy, motivation and a clean home. Do you ever get sick and then when you recover you’re like I can do anything? After my sick bug I now feel great, well, my hip is hurting, upper thigh aw and my feet, to be honest an extra (2 stone) weight just hurts everything but I can’t complain. I have been smart and not used much annual leave this year so I’m more or less working 16 hours or 12 hours a week from Monday. I can rest my body and have more time to eat cake! I ate three slices the other day which I did feel guilty for, who am I kidding who regrets three cakes? Please don’t tut at me when I’m 30 weeks pregnant and complaining that I’m 11 stone, fat and feeling curvy. I don’t fit into many of my clothes so this years Christmas wish list might be a post saying please buy me something to wear.

The clocks going back an hour have been annoying as I’ve been waking up really early then unable to nap, so at work by eight pm I’m like I NEED MY BED! I need a maternity pillow as I keep spooning the duvet leaving Rob with the cold air or a duvet fight with a pregnant lady, what one would you cope with best?

my acid reflux has calmed down so it must have been the aftermath of my sick bug irritating me last week. Heartburn gets triggered when I eat my evening meal so a bottle of gaviscon is in my bag at all times, it works so quickly on the plus. My skin is better and my hair isn’t looking as dull, really I am so relived to feel human for ones. It’s odd to me how each week can be such a dramatic change to the previous.

Her kicks I have loved this week and I mean my heart is already getting rather full just dreaming about her, just filling up ready to give her so much love. Logan’s becoming so obsessed with my growing belly which is beautiful to see. I always remind myself how lucky I am, especially when she’s rolling around, I can’t help but put my hand on her and just smile to myself. Do you ever just take a moment to sit and reflect on the things you do have? And the people you are lucky to have?

23 weeks pregnant