I am slightly excited for the build up for Christmas now, to say slightly is an understatement. Saying that I’m not going to decorate our house or blast the Christmas music just yet. When is the right time to start getting ready? I personally think the first of December for decorations and I’ll indulge in some tunes when I can’t wait any longer- next week? I need tunes soon to sing along with while I drink hot chocolate in my new santa mug. Now Halloween is over and bonfire night the air has dramatically gotten colder, I need a new coat! I just can’t find one I like so that’s my mission for this week to hunt down.

Treatbox print

Before we enjoyed firework night we did do some trick or treating on the Tuesday with our nephews. We had sparklers, got sweets, looked at everyone’s spooky houses and headed home with one sleepy boy. Rob and I do eat most of his sweets when he goes to bed, do you do that? I’m just waiting for the year he notices.

Halloween windowsparklers

The evening of Halloween I had to pop into Sainsbury’s and see what Halloween stuff was up for sale. I was baffled to see all the Christmas stuff being put out, talk about fast! As it wasn’t even like the day was over. Rob took me to the baby Christmas clothes section and said why can’t she be due for Christmas- while picking up the cute outfits. I might buy two I love and hope that I pick the right size for next year.

Sainsburys baby Christmas clothes

I shared last week my 23 week pregnancy update and have another little update and that’s, that Logan now calls my bump his baby girl which is just the cutest to hear.

Leo my nephew makes me so happy to see, just look at his cuteness, I think I have baby fever. I go up to strangers swooning over their babies. Last week I was cuddling Leo to get him to nap, it brought back memories and dreams of doing it again next year.


Have you ever been to Heartlands for bonfire night? This is a place we will visit every year, how have we never been there! There was a fair, food, music, bonfire and of course fireworks. It was a rather beautiful evening and all for free to the public.

Logan and Rob


We have nothing planned for this week but I’m sure we will think of some fun things to do, any ideas? I really want to do some baking with Logan so I need to get on that. I also want to rearrange his room and playroom, nesting is kicking in! What did you do last week or even have planned for this week?