Did you see my massive pregnancy rant here? If so I can tell you that I wrote it Sunday morning hormonal and exhausted, I then went shopping with my partner and like just magic I felt so much better. Shopping is the cure to everything. Do you ever wish that you had loads of money to buy everything you see? I could have come home with 100 bags on Sunday if my purse let me. Seeing as I got some really good stuff I figured I’d share my happy purchases including boys tops that were only £1.30! Primark is the best.

Firstly a shop I don’t remember the name of but out came a very happy 3-year-old with his new shoes. The shoes were £14.99 and worth every penny for Logan’s smile.


I spotted the cream dress in Next for £11 which I thought was good. I always have a nosey in Monsoon finding it a bit pricey for me, pricey for Rob by his expression when reading the labels. The bunny teddy was only £14 which I could stretch to so that’s now on the baby’s shelf.


I did get a unicorn teddy a while back at the same price as the rabbit one, they look cute next to each other below.


Logan was allowed one nice top from Next and he chose a dinosaur one which was £7.


Primark is perfect to buy tops from for a messy three-year-old who goes to nursery. For £1.30 I don’t mind him getting paint all over himself, mud or whatever stains I find on him. We picked up three and then Rob picked him up a few other bits in Primark which have the prices on them.





I can’t go shopping and not get a little something right? I got some slippers in Primark for my hospital bag that were £3.00


I got a pack of 10 unicorn and glitter pencils for £1.50 from Primark.


And also from Primark some glitter on sale for my eyes for a possible night out in the future. Hair bands for the hospital bag and some nose strips, got to love a good nose strip and face mask for a pamper night.


I needed a long vest top to go over my leggings to hide the soon future fat pad behind my leggings, cringe! I also needed pants and after trying out four different brands plus styles this week I realised the best thing to hold those sexy after birth pads is men’s boxers. They look girly at least. I had to settle for the £6.50 price tag because I didn’t care by this point I just needed pants. I then got some pillow cases as they were on offer for £1.00, I didn’t really need them but can’t turn down a bargain.


Although it wasn’t a weekend purchase last week we did finally order a beautiful, on offer pram, a unicorn pram. It was £400 for everything including a car seat worth £199 it stated. I was so impressed with how quick it came, I was also impressed with how easy it was to assemble.


I’m very please with what we got and spent less than we budgeted for which was good. Do you find shopping relaxing? Just getting home and going through it all made me smile. I can happily say we have everything the baby needs, there’s a few wants on my behalf but that stuff can wait. We need money saved so Rob can take at least a week off for maternity leave. It’s crazy to think that it might have been our last shopping trip as a family of three.