In life we always find ourselves saying wow isn’t the year flying by, how is it this occasions or season already. I’m totally saying it right now in regards to how on earth is my pregnancy over. I know, I know I more or less hated being pregnant, in fact I was wishing for time to hurry up and it be over, now I miss it. Life’s a mystery. It’s like I’ve forgotten the heart burn, back pains and wetting myself moments that have now all disappeared. Now all I can think of while looking at my baby is aw those cute little legs were kicking my ribs, that sweet little head was pressing on my bladder. I totally went with the forgive and forget saying the moment I set eyes on my blond-headed baby. I know why women do it all over and over again because what’s nine months for such a treasure? I felt the same when I had Logan but then my pregnancy with him was physically perfect.


Luna is such a good baby but am I wrong in saying well duh, newborns sleep all the time, that’s the easy stage? I’ve got a little routine going with her but one I’m not so into is her 9pm – 12am fussy time, why can’t it be at like seven so we can be sound asleep before midnight. She does then sleep for three hours straight so I can’t complain. The funny thing is that she would party away in my belly around that time so her sleep habit was well known before she even arrived. She goes through so many nappies a day but decides it’s best to fill them at night, she went through 6 in two hours the other night, thanks girl. Wait why did I say she’s a good baby? Kidding she is really as I knew what would come when I wanted another baby I knew what I was in for- no sleep. Other than that she is good she self soothes well, drinks 3 oz at a time, hardly cries and well she’s just so darn cute. You can’t be mad at cute. She makes funny little noises when she wants her bottle and tries to lick me when I’m burping her. Her little dimple pulls at my heartstrings when she give me windy smiles, can you tell that I’m obsessed with her? She has truly got me head over heels Inlove.


Logan himself has made me so proud with how well he’s adapted. He loves her so much, he Kisses her, sings to her, cuddles her and just plays the big brother role so perfectly. Watch out boys he’s never going to let anyone near her. I do feel bad though with having less time for him so my mission is to have some one on one time this week, just me and him, The baby sleeps enough to do so anyway.


At one week old there’s not been huge changes other than the obvious life changing emotions, routine and my heart doubling in size. I’ve learnt to be one step ahead of myself and use any time I have wisely. It’s quite fun to set goals and keep myself busy to then sit down in the evening and relax, that’s my kinda treat now days. I find myself at 23 a much better parent than what I was to Logan at age 19, sorry Logan I still loved you muchly I just had less patience, knew less in life and you never noticed me gone for those three hours on a Saturday evening if I fancied a night out. Now I’m like meh one coat of mascara will do, who needs Saturday nights out when bed cuddles with my kids are better? Don’t get me wrong I will still find time for myself but right now I wouldn’t swap my busy life for anything. I wonder what my next update will be? Will Luna sleep before 12? Will she be awake more in the day? It gets me all excited to relive all of these milestones as I did with Logan. I’m loving the fact that Logan is enjoying this adventure with me. I’ll post my birth story at some point as it’s all written up, thank you night feeds, my only time to do things ha!