Am I crazy for saying that these past two weeks have been fun? Yes hard but a rather fun challenge for myself. I could set myself up each day and think aw no how am I going to get ready with two kids, will tonight be a night with even more less sleep compared to the night before? They’re thoughts that I’m best to shrug off and say you got this either way. Luna is starting to wake more in the day/evening which is super cute, she looks into our eyes pouting and demanding more milk, right after a feed! She’s been going through a growth spurt so more feeds are normal my midewife said- we had our last midewife check up which felt rather bitter sweet. In five days our little piggy gained 5 oz! Then in four days she’s gained 7 oz. Her newborn clothes now fit better so I’m sure by the next update she will be in o-3 months clothes, okay now I’m sad writing that. It’s odd we want our kids to grow well, eat, be happy but at the same time I find myself gazing at her trying to soak in every second so I don’t waste these newborn moments.


we have been so busy, Luna has been to watch her daddy play rugby for the first time, took her brother to a kids party and out for lunch this week. When I had Logan I could sit in bed for the first few weeks doing little and recovering, not this time round. I want life to feel normal for Logan and not be stuck in too much so no bed days for us, unless Logan is at nursery then I treat us to some time to relax. Luna loves bed cuddles well she loves an afternoon doze on me while I binge watch TOWI, I’m on season five now. Logan runs into our room each morning for his cuddles with her, he cuddles her on my bed while I get dressed and ready for the day, who said having two kids was hard?


Luna has started to get reflux so I’ve been trying her with infacol which hasn’t really helped. We were going to try gripe water but it says for babies over a month old, the poor baby has two weeks to wait which breaks my heart. She has been getting costapated so I started to do baby massage with her which I did with Logan as a baby, it works a treat! Within half an hour we get results and a lot. I have also started to give her 1 oz of water in the day which is also helping her belly so I’m happy I can help her in that way. Her dry skin is nearly not dry from the massage oil and she had her first bath the other day. So many firsts within a week. She treated me to four and a half hours sleep the other night with no wake up call (cry) which made me feel so fresh, she’s so good. I don’t know why though but I love night feeds and I did with Logan, I am a night owl though, the world is so still and it’s just the two of us. She has been going to bed earlier which is so much better, last night she was asleep by eight, winning. the least sleep I’ve had is four hours a night which is great for someone with a newborn right?


I did some baking with Logan because I feel so sensitive about him at the minute, hormones? I am so use to being glued to him with cuddles and playing that now I feel like I’ve abandoned him to feed, change and do stuff with Luna. See he’s fine with it, he cuddles us both, helps me massage Luna, bathed her with me, feeds her and talks to her happily. My brain just over thinks things as he’s loving having her around. Logan calls her his little darling face or Luna-bell and even started to call my nephew Leo-bell which had us all laughing. I’m glad I had a son first as he can sure have a best big brother badge.



I had my first Mother’s Day as a mother of two on Sunday which was rather special, I’m so lucky! Really I can’t believe my luck and feel really greatful to have my little family.