Luna treated me to five hours straight sleep two nights in a row, you go girl, I did wake in abit of a panic like why are you not after some milk greedy guts? She was just having sweet dreams and of course knew that I’d had a busy few day. We had Luna registered on Tuesday, she’s now stuck with her name and officially a human, well in the system as a someone. I took Logan to the cinema after for some quality time while Luna slept the whole afternoon at my mums. It might not sound like a busy day but when running off little sleep any thing is a mission. I say little sleep in the sense of compared to before having a newborn.


In the last week I would say it has been my favourite week as Luna is starting to show her little character, including her temper when trying to eat my face waiting for milk. She has started to talk/babble and decided the best time for it was just gone midnight the other day. You can’t be mad with her she’s just so cute when telling me how she’s not tired, or that she’s rather bored. She is awake a lot more in the day but she’s at that stage where she’s like, I want to do stuff but can’t do stuff so I’m bored! She did spend ten minutes on her play mat which was fun to see her taking an interest in the unicorn. I talk to her a lot and she stares at me, I was making funny noises the other day and she kept smiling.


I said last week that she might be in her 0-3 months clothes by now and I was right. Today I put a baby grow on her and sadly packed away her newborn outfits, my heart shed a tear. I was so excited to put Logan in each size to have him wear all of his cute outfits but this time I’m like NO. Please slow down time. Can I live in a slow motion bubble? With her being my second child I think the knowing how fast they grow sinks in more, I heard it so often with Logan, how they don’t stay small for long so this time I’m telling myself that. I will most definitely moan on ever update on how time is not my friend.


I got asked this week on how I’m coping with two kids while getting a look of pity. When I said yeah fine, it’s easy, the person looked shocked? She was like really then smiling like she didn’t believe me. I said Logan can dress himself mostly, feed himself, communicate well and understand when I need to feed the baby ect. She shook her head and said isn’t he only three? Am I missing something here? Are three-year olds not suppose to do any of those things?


Luna has a time frame at the minute on when I can do anything, come the afternoon I’m not allowed to do anything, she loves afternoon cuddles so I’m best to crack on with things in the morning. Every week our routine changes which is fine so we are still going with the attitude of going with the flow. I don’t stress at when I want Logan at nursery or anything, I am stressing about my hair which I’m getting cut tomorrow because it’s a dry long mess. I thought Luna’s hair would fall out like Logan’s but it’s getting longer and still goes all fluffy after a bath. Luna is burping better so we might not have to get gripe water and water is still working a treat to fill her nappies, as well as baby message. Luna’s dry skin is no longer dry also thanks to the massage oil. Will next week bring her first laugh? Then when can they laugh? Logan was 7 weeks old I think.