Every mum has to admit that sometimes an hour or even half an hour to ourselves is very much-needed, a relaxing bath can give us that time to collect ourselves or even to help to feel human. It’s nice to just unwind and realise we have needs as well. With having a baby recently I’ve been reminded of how hard it is to even have a shower, cup of tea or breakfast before lunch time comes. I find now that things have calmed down in regards to a busy few weeks I really need to start making more of an effort to feel better about myself. To take a small amount of time in the week to do something I like, like right now while writing this, something I love to do that’s just for me. This months Treat Box was a nice surprise because It just shouts make a hot cup of relaxing tea, get in the bathroom, shut the door, stick a sign up and just relax. It’s also nice knowing that if I don’t have time that day I’ve got a nice treat to look forward to which makes this boxes name spot on.


The shh sign is just asking to be found by Logan which he will declare he needs and that it is his so I have decided it will make for a good prop for future picture moments. The nail varnish is nice soft colour and something I would wear over the summer, I go for darker colours during Autumn and Winter. I feel like right now my love to use wax melts daily will have to possible wait until the baby is a lot older, maybe even a year old, this one smells so good so I’m going to try to make an effort to use it in my small wax burner when I have a rare pamper moment, or even when Luna has a better sleep routine in the evening. Right now I’m more or less always in the same room as her and going to bed at the same time as her.



I couldn’t see myself using the sleep mask as I tried to use one a few years back, it was annoying being there. The tea is something I’m interested in trying as I’m the worst at falling asleep. Luna falls asleep between 9-10 to then sleep for four hours so when I can’t fall asleep until 11 I waste an hour or so much needed sleep. I would hope that the tea would make me fall asleep quicker, I’ll come back with an update on it. I’ll never tire of the prints in these monthly boxes.


My favourite product is by far the body scrubs. My sister came over today so I snuck off for a quick shower armed with the Optiat scrubs, I used the vanilla one which smelt so good. It made my skin soft, my face was glowing after which was a nice change from it being dry from after birth hormones. I looked up about the products Optiat sell and it says the products are cruelty- free and suitable for vegans. You can follow their Instagram here – They have not paid me to say so and honestly think anyone would love the coffee scrubs like I do. I could always order a few and use the make up bag to store them am I right?



I wouldn’t mind if every month supplied me with some lovely products that I could indulge in to have a pamper, this is one of my favourite months that I’ve had over the past 12 months. What do you think of these products? Have you tried a coffee scrub before?