This past month has by far been the best month of my life, two beautiful kids what more could a women want? Now that Luna is a month old I can’t help but get excited for her first milestones. I think I’ll die a little when I first hear her laugh as I did with Logan. I still can’t believe a month ago the snow was falling, I was at home with my baby and life would never be the same again.



Luna has for sure gained some weight this past week as her tights are no longer baggy. She’s got a beauty of a double chin that I have to wash a few times a day – to prevent her getting sore there. She had a beast of a nappy explosion which meant me throwing away her clothes, they weren’t worth saving and to be honest she got gifted enough to last her a year. Luna is still only on 3 – 4 oz so she’s not overindulging too much. She’s still scratching her face badly if I leave her mits off, she loves her hands so I let them be free when I can grab them away from her face. Her face is getting so beautiful, her eyelashes are long, I kiss her lips a hundred times a day and her cheeks are so soft. She’s on my lap as I write this and I totally stopped to kiss her.


I’m happy to say that she is still burping well so fingers crossed she keeps doing so. She cluster feeds every evening which I can’t complain about as doing so means she sleeps for four hours straight, one night she slept for six hours! She did stay up until one though so that exhausted her. She only has one night feed, or should I say wants one night feed I don’t starve her or try and encourage a routine at all. Naturally she’s getting a routine herself in the night/ evening, not so much in the day but I set no plans so we don’t need a routine yet. I say yet because summer is coming and we will hopefully be going on adventures so by then it would be nice to predict her feeds, if not meh, we will all work together or settle with a paddling pool in the garden. A paddling pool for Logan I doubt it would interest her as she hates bath time I’ve found this week.


luna’s eye sight is getting really good she looks us in the eyes and directly at Logan when he’s loud- He’s always loud. I have a box of baby toys in my bedroom which Logan loves to go through in the evenings,   she actually amuses him with her little squeeking chat that she does, I have a feeling they will both be little chatter boxes as Logan already is.

Now that I only have monthly milestone cards I will only be doing monthly updates, also giving more time to do other blog posts. I bet within a month she will change dramatically.


I wrote this last week and time has snuck up on me, each evening I’m like I’ll post it tomorrow washing needs to be done, sleep is much needed. I have to post this though as I’m sure in a year I’ll love looking back at these posts.