I find it hard to believe that my little Luna is now eight weeks old. It stills feels like I first set eyes on her yesterday, my heart is still in babymoon mode, I find myself soaking in as much of her as I can so I don’t miss anything. I’ve heard her first laugh now, seen her first smile, done every night feed but one when she was two days old. I’ve missed nothing and that makes me happy.



During the past month I had both kids for two weeks straight which was hard, the second week of it I was poorly. I felt so frustrated that I couldn’t do fun things with Logan because I couldn’t bare to get out of bed much. I was so thankful for how much our family have helped as I wouldn’t have coped without them. I was also lucky that Luna is a little sleepy head so I could just about look after her, everyone else took it in turns having Logan. Luna also slept through the night twice, the first one was at 6 weeks old so that beats her brothers 7 week old record on sleeping all night. Generally she goes to bed at nine or ten now then wakes up around four or five for a feed to then wake at seven. For some reason Luna will only have 1 or 2 oz bottles or throw up with her night feed, babies are so confusing!


I think week 7 was when I had to sit down and think about things. Luna cluster fed up to that point but as it was the first week of half term I realised a cluster feeding baby and a bored three-year old is hard. She would sometimes have half an oz every hour all day, leaving me unable to do anything with Logan. Right when I thought okay this won’t work, how am I going to do this? Will she do this forever? She has stopped. She now drinks at the least 2oz and sleeps for two hours which is better. I’m thinking maybe her belly is just so small she could only hold small amounts? If she has 5 oz within an hour sometimes she becomes sicky so I’m totally for the just feed on demand they know what they need, it’s just hard when Logan looks at me feeding her waiting for my time. I’ve sorted out loads of garden toys now just in case we get stuck in over summer, half term in a way helped me reflect on how I can do things differently.



Logan loves Luna but he was very frustrated over half term not having nursery stimulate him so he hasn’t been the nicest towards her. He nudged her one time when she hit him with her hand, he doesn’t get how she can’t control them. He also keeps growling at her. He has an eleven month old nephew who he growls at as a game so again he doesn’t understand why Luna isn’t playing back. He wants her to be fun but let’s face it babies poo, eat, sleep and offer a small amount of eye contact before screaming as if they have never been fed. It’s funny really as Luna does frown at Logan and one day I can imagine her tackling him like I did my brother, I do warn him that she will play back one day and not to wind her up now. He just laughs and says she loves me.


We had our last health visitor visit for this year and it made me realise that poor Luna takes a back seat when it comes to day life, I feed her, dress her, clean and she sleeps most of the day. I got asked if she follows me with her eyes when I walk in the room, if she hits toys on her play mat? Questions I felt ashamed to answer as I didn’t know. I couldn’t put her on her playmat over half term with Logan bouncing about and I don’t look at her eyes but rather what needs cleaning in the room. It’s good though as this week I’ve made an effort to put her on her mat, interact with her and smile as she does follow me around the room with a smile on her face. I am glad I waited for a bigger age gap with my kids as in September I’ll have five days a week to help Luna develop, though I might cry that Logan starts school. It’s nice that they will have had me alot as babies on their own, I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to have younger kids close together, or even twins!


over the past four weeks I’ve also had my own three firsts, I had my first illness as a mum of two which was not fun. I went out for two hours with a friend and I also went back to work! Everyone gets ten keep in touch days while on maternity leave so I’ve started to use mine for extra money for over summer. I’ve got two shifts next week which I’m excited for, I miss the kids loads but it’s nice to feel independent, to know that the money I spend is my hard earned cash. I also don’t mind leaving the kids with family and never have as that helps their relationship build, I think it’s important that grandparents spend one on one time with them. I have lovely memories with my nan so I can only wish for the same for my children. I also want to teach them the importance of working hard and to be independent, so me working teaches them that.


Luna is now in 3-6 month clothes as she is really long, I also don’t like leggings to be tight on her belly so baggy clothes are better for her. Next month we celebrate Logan’s fourth birthday as well as my youngest nephews first and my middle nephews third, a busy month! I hope to take Luna to the beach for the first time and maybe a swimming pool so let’s hope that will be in her 3 month update. She has he jabs later today wich I will mention in her next update.

One last thing I took both of the kids shopping for the first and last time. Never again as it was either Logan running off or Luna wanting to feed every five minutes – maybe I’ll stick to online shopping.