By the title you my be very curious as to what is a letters to my baby book, I was when I unwrapped it at Christmas- my favourite Christmas present! It was gifted to me by my partners sister over at A Cornish Geek and she sure knows me very well. I love writing down memorise and just getting lost in a moment to myself to do anything creative. The book is creative as I have so many different things I can write down for Luna to one day read.


I like how it’s nice and small so I can easily store it until she’s older. I found that I had to lean on something chunky to write on it as the paper is thin, the book depth behind each page is why I had to use something chunky to make it level. it does say in the book to place a magazine underneath to help prop it up. This book is a good excuse to sit at my desk and leave Rob with the kids though right, even if it’s hard to find time. To be honest you need alone time to write in it as I personally want to think about what she will read when older, to know how much she really means to me.


There are twelve letter pages of which two are blank for you to title as you wish. Some of the letters for example are my wishes for you, on the day you were born, making it easy to think of what I would like to write for her to read.



Each page is beautifully designed and all very different. You can date on it when you wrote each letter and when you would like each indervidual page to be opened. At the back of the book is a sticker page with 12 stickers to seal each letter as shown in the below picture, sealing a letter I wrote last month.

(Note to self let the ink dry before I close the book *sigh*)





I’m tempted to buy another one for Logan to have one day, he does have about 100 photo albums that I’ve written in though, I guess they will both have different unique things. It’s hard now as when I had Logan I didn’t realise how time is precious, I’ve learnt they really do grow too fast. I also think if something was ever happen to me that my children would have things to look at that I have done for them. The book is from Abrams & Chronicle and by looking through their store they sell a lot of similar stuff like this Letters to my love , letters to my daughter letters to my son and letters to my grandchild. What do you think of this cute little book?